(un)Lucky Bags

by Elatha posted Feb 05, 2019
Update: This issue was resolved and VSpang replied to my support ticket. I'm assuming other tickets were replied to and other users can now see the event header as well.

So... As a lot of you might have noticed, the current "Lana's Lucky Bag" event that's going on seems to be missing. We can still collect bags. But there's no way to turn them in or check our ranks or anything. And VS has yet to say anything about it. The event is short, only lasting a few more days, and the event header has been missing for all but the first few hours. Now I'm not saying I doubt that VS is working on it. But some sort of.. News post or aknowledgement of this problem would be appreciated. I don't even care for extra compensation. Just some idea of if, or when, this might be resolved. I've already made a support post but never heard back, which is odd because even mundane little bugs I've mentioned have been replied to within hours.. This has been days. So this forum post of just another way to bring attention to the issue. That might not eve be nessacary either, but I figured it wouldn't hurt.