A Dark Night - Blustone Story

by Katte posted Apr 19, 2019

( This story is from Kain's POV, including the explanation parts, unless told otherwise. )


I sat up in bed, suddenly. The crashing noise disturbed my sleep. Getting back to sleep was not what I was worried about at the moment. The only thought that ran through my head was there was an intruder in the dorms. I grabbed my sword from its stand and slowly opened my dorm door. I looked outside the window after closing my dorm door to see a rare sight. It was raining. I knew I couldn't just go outside in my pyjamas without at least putting some shoes on and taking an umbrella, but I was more focused on where the intruder was on the inside. I crept down the hallway so I didn't wake up the rest of the guys sleeping in my hallway.

You see, the dorms are split up in three different stages. They are first split up by gender. Girls on one side and boys on the other. Then they are split up into elements. Fire elementals are closest to the front door, Lightning elementals are in the middle and Ice elementals are the furthest away from the door. Lastly, they are split up into classes. From the closest to the door to the furthest away, they go Offence, Defence, Bomber then Supporter. I was in the boy's Lightning Defence hallway. Everyone gets to choose where their dorm goes in the hallway if the Captain allows them to, but most of the time, he prefers to keep things in order. The only acception is if the Metron Hunter has special needs. Every occasion, there is NO ONE with special needs. Of course, they could have and I'm being stupid, but there is currently no special dorm needs. The last part of the dorms is the bathrooms. The dorms do not have enough room to fit an en suite, with the exception of Captain's, but he gets a whole house to himself. As for the bathrooms in the doors, if a Metron Hunter has to go in the night, they have to be very careful. Gullveig, Westfield, Lana, Estelle and Lottery Mouse switch between who is sleeping and who is on night patrol. If Gullveig is on patrol and a Metron Hunter gets caught before getting into the bathroom, she will send them straight back to their dorm, no matter how desperate they are. If Westfield is on patrol, he will just stop the Metron Hunter and ask what they are doing. If they are going to the bathroom, he'll let them pass. Lana and Estelle will just stop and ask. If it's just a normal thing, they'll let them pass. As for Lottery Mouse, he wouldn't even bother to stop the Metron Hunter unless they leave the building. Now, back to the story.

I got to the end of the hallway and looked around to see who was on guard. I was lucky that it was Lottery Mouse but it was Sunday, so there's normally two patrolling the dorms. I stayed in the shadows to see who the other person on patrol was. My luck went away. It was Gullveig. I had my phone on me, so I wanted to try and call the Captain and let him know there was an intruder. I also wanted to alert the other Metron Hunters or at the very least, Karl and Hermes. I wanted to meet up with them, but I had to get into the bathroom to do it as we can talk louder in there and we can freshen up just in case we need to fight. I started to make my way down the main hallway, trying carefully to not get noticed by Gullveig. I managed to get into the bathroom without being caught. I took out my phone and immediately called Captain.

( Ringing )

"Hello?" I heard the Captain's voice come through my phone. "Kain? Why are you calling so late?! Shouldn't you be asleep?!"

"I'm sorry, but there's a problem." I said.

"What problem?" He asked me, concern in his voice.

"Intruder alert."

"Intruder alert?! Get anyone you can and I'll meet you in the dorms."

"I'm going to try and get Karl and Hermes. Contact Gullveig to let them past." I hung up after finishing my sentence. Once I finished the call, I texted Karl and Hermes to get them to come to where I was. Not long after I sent it, they came rushing in, pyjamas on and weapons in hand.

"Let's go and get this intruder." Karl stated. Hermes nodded as they were about to leave.

"The Captain told me to wait in the dorms. You two should too. If the others are asleep and the intruder attacks, they are all in danger!" I explained, sighing afterwards.


All of a sudden, the lights when out. Then, I got a text from the Captain.

'We caught the intruder. It was just Balian. He got locked out and smashed a window to get back in. As for the power, the light charger for the ornithopter broke and all the power went out. Juno will get it fixed soon enough.' I read the text out loud.

"All of this for nothing? Well, I'm going back to sleep." Hermes walked out of the bathroom. Me and Karl weren't far behind.

Before going back to my dorm, I decided to look outside. I watched as Juno was fixing the charger and the Captain was keeping an eye on him.

"You dragged me out here at 2 in the morning to fix this? I need sleep!" Juno complained.

"It's not my fault. Please fix it." Captain requested as he went to his house. Juno fixed the charger and the power came on as he came back inside.

"Unbelievable..." He muttered as he walked past me. I went back to my dorm and went to sleep. The next couple of days were completely peaceful until we ended up in a massive pillow fight in the gym.

( I wasn't sure what to add after Kain, Karl and Hermes met up. I hope this makes up for the sudden deletion of my previous story. )