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Just an old man showing his antiquities   [3]

BlackGeneral    Lv.  14
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    To Be Fair, You Have To Have a Very High IQ to Understand BlackGeneral

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    Epic Diana




    Akasha in Christmas 

    It's refreshing when you clean it.(Bruce/Denali)

    Rudolf Denali

    It's my turn!! CAPTAIN!!!(Nene)

    NENE number 1!!!

    Cooking is not simple.(Captain/Tyltyl)

    Oh, Tree of God(Akasha)

    Santa Girl Levi

    Levi is cool

    New defender(Athena)

    Nutcracker Levi

    Tuxedo Gerard 

    Don't worry.I will protect you. (Hecate)

    Her bread (Lapis/Hecate)

    Hecate in Thanksgiving Day 

    To get a good star..... 

    The lottery mouse must come back. 

    SAKULAPIS (Lapis)

    Good or Bad? (Bear/Captain)

    X-mas tree teddybomber 

    Get the bomb.(Teddy)

    Give me a Halloween RIKO

    help me!!!!!(Joy)


    (I miss you)



    Fan arts (2017)

    3 Fanarts(Hermes Captain Diana Papillon )

    Papillon & Patrone 

    Long time no see

    Captain and Tyltyl.

    Halloween costumes 1

    Halloween costumes 2

    Halloween costumes 3

    Merry Christmas! :)


    Edward & Sparky

    캡틴이랑 보라돌이 '-'(Captain/Vincent)

    신캐 디아나 낙서 :) (Diana)

    Christmas tree Teddy Bomber


    Chibi Vincent


    Valentine day

    (Cool,cute,and funny)



    [Blustone] Hermes



    Why Rebecca...

    (Better than me...)



    Denali Fanart


    (She love blustone with all of her heart.)



    Fan Comic of sum smol children(Sienna/Robin)  

    Hermeko(Gerderbend Hermes)




    Tyltyl and Bibi

    Draw post 2 




    Bibi bae 

    (I like the coloring)



    Bread wars(Hecate/Lapis)

    Bread Wars 2(Octavia/thena)


    Let's do a selfie, Lantern!(Lantern/Nene)





    Moon Fairy Denali

    Karl and Athena Destiny 

    Nene sketch (BtB version)  

    Athena and Karl 

     Kain sketch 


    Octavia ruins charm 

    Portraits of Hermes and ♀Captain +1 dakimakura 




    The Mid-autumn festival(Nene/Lantern)

    The reason I will never get Diana(Lantern/Diana)




    What Captain might be thinking during the "Favorite Female Hunter" Event

    (Gif Buddy)




    Good Luck Diana:The new Game.

    Good Luck Diana:The new Teammate.

    Shiny Teddy Bomber

    [Characters tab] Captains of your Love™ 

    Metis destroy Lantern 

    People who complain about Papillon300% rate Up 

    Deleted in 2 hours.(only shame)

    How to become rich Easily: The great anthology of scam(Westfield/Locke)



    Old things who need V2


    The Birth of Diana

    Find the Hunters n°1 The best game you never played.()

    Find the Hunters n°2 The best game you never played returns.() 

    How people foud out Diana Is A Trap?  

    Shut up and take my money! (Sienna)

    Westfield's present. 

    Karlmander family(Karl)

    How to become rich EASILY

    How to become rich EASILY.2

    Hey Metis,wanna play baseball?(Metis/Rebecca)

    (Work on the wiki)



    whomst'd’ve spenz 3000’phercantage on Papalon

    (I'm better)



    Someone still missing(3star hunters)

    Shipping Audrey with everyone: Kain

    Shipping Audrey with everyone: Hermes

    (Still waiting)



    Akasha x Kain.

    Karl and Mowgli - New Family

    (Good writing skills)



    Cute Diana

    The siblings!(Shunmann/Clara)




    Otavia portrait 







    Father's Christmas Gift to You All(Santa Rebecca)

    (Bless him)



    Celebration of Bibi

    (Want more)



    Haloween witch Riko

    Akany face.gif



    The Feast (Hecate/Balian)




    Chibi Lantern

    Hermes boi 

    Hermes yo

    (Should put him/her higher if she/he draw Gerard)




    Clara has gotta crush ?????

    Bruce's teeth haunts me in my dreams

    Hermes' sis

    • BlackGeneral 2019.05.08 06:13
      I still dreaming, sometimes, that this community become something great...

      Well, see you next year.

      Love you.
    • Nazure 2019.05.08 12:52
      woa, someone offline in my list years ago now just appear out of no where o_O
    • jarnMod 2019.05.12 13:58
      This deserves a pin

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