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When game developers don't do actual testing on their hunters before release   [33]

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    If you've never fought Celine, beforehand, I warn you, that damn unit can double or even triple stack lol.

    By this I mean, it can allow the enemy team to do simultaneous specials with barely 1 second difference off each even if it has not killed units of your team yet.

    So you could experience having a tank use his special on you,then you tanked it with a bomber, then suddenly out of nowhere an attacker comes to snipe it off.

    Or you could have yourself be hit by the tank or attacker, then suddenly immediately receives an huge heal from Pansy or whatever the main healer is. (Even managed to experience seeing Harley on full life points get a heal from Pansy because AI had so many skill points it didn't even know what to use them on lmao!)


    Even though I have Celine myself (and I tested her on my offensive, still ineffective, but very interesting to see that my enrage bar was at almost 10 without me even getting to notice it a couple of times due to how powerful the effect is), I must admit that the current game meta is ineffective on a consistent mid/long term because of how pathetic the speed to gain skill points is, even with the "ideal" boosts to try and beat set ups with her.

    Wouldn't be surprised if more players leave because of the incapability to adapt to it. Non 4* decks are just simply out of the cards now. The effectivity of a free to play deck and a pay to play deck without celine is technically the same against one that has it, which is basically very crappy results.

    And it is kind of worrying, because in the top 50, everyone is now using it, spamming it everywhere, like if there was no tomorrow, and combining her with nasty units like Windblade, Twins, Harley or Geranium/Robin.


    This unit was one that the game did not need, and that I regret watching her release or even pulling her.

    I'm sorry for those who intend to try and sometime go for top 10/20/whatever else in the "active" ranks of this game. You will have it very rough.

    • thesurgeon 2019.06.25 19:20
      I'm lucky to have pulled her and will certainly use in stall defence.

      However i agree she is just as broken as geranium and teresa and this needs sorting out fairly urgently.
    • JellyGuy172 2019.06.25 22:51
      One thing that I found effective against Celine is faster attack speed. (No surprise) for ex: my hermes has a really high atk speed and can still barely our pace the Celine spam. Obviously some people hate hermes but the same can be done with yuri cause they have the same passive
    • JellyGuy172 2019.06.25 22:57
      But than again she has mega heals that are really annoying
    • NocturnaI 2019.06.26 02:49
      Someone get some cheese for all these whines here, this post is just silly. Adapt and learn or get out of the way
    • Sevia 2019.06.26 03:32 FilesAttachment (1)

      You use 4 attackers on your set up and also call it to adapt when you idle in the 140's? Funny thing is, having all those 4*, you still lack Windblade and that still makes your deck too weak to even call it a proper one.


      It's not adapting, it's the system that just does not allow efficiency anymore no matter what kind of deck or method you use.

      You are just not the ideal person to comment about this topic. You should stick to just posting recruiting topics for filling up your inactive guild instead of stating obvious stuff that does not solve anything.


      PS: Nice way to adapt btw, maybe you are right about you being the first one to get out of the way XD



    • NocturnaI 2019.06.26 03:41
      Once again all I hear is whining from you. Get a new hobby, that picture is from weeks ago, how long did you hold onto that lol. Go outside and get some sun you silly spiteful egomaniac
    • Sevia 2019.06.26 03:43 FilesAttachment (1)

      Weeks? I'd say just few days ago :p.




      super ez ^^


    • NocturnaI 2019.06.26 03:44
      Nice try, wasn’t a few days ago. Keep trying to spread your lies and hate, it just makes you look like the fool you truly are.
    • Sevia 2019.06.26 03:48
      You started it, just saying. You get the respect you deserve. How about you put your units to a good use and come taste the real decks at 10-20's? Oh wait you can't. You just think about leeching and not proposing any ways to solve the crisis this game has.

      Easy to just stand at the last row and hide on your computer, but too hard to actually act to give a resolution to a problem right?
    • NocturnaI 2019.06.26 03:52
      Started it? By you moaning and complaining about such silly trivial things? Nobody wants to hear your lamentations, I could care less about fight club. It’s cute that you care so much about me and my hunters but all your complaints amount to nothing. No change will come and your post is just ignored like all the other ones. This post is utterly pointless and futile. Why would I pose a solution when none will come. Have fun with all this negativity, you sure do love to swim in it.
    • Sevia 2019.06.26 03:56

      Negativity from a guild leader of a guild called "Pawsitive". Nice nice. You seem to be very representantive of the English communities :) (Just kidding).

      I pity your money spent that has found no use other than to get defeated by inferior F2P decks. Bet you that your steak cooking posts are more relevant than finding a way to fix all of the mistakes done to this poor game.

      You just said it. You lack the knowledge and the will to propose a resolution. In those cases, the best to do is to just remain shut. Not sure if your parents ever taught you that, but it's basic etiquette.

    • NocturnaI 2019.06.26 04:00
      Okay it’s clear you’re delusional to the point you can’t acknowledge your own actions. There’s no point talking to you if you can’t even see what you’re doing.
    • Sevia 2019.06.26 04:02
      You were the one that brought up all of that pessimism now, why are you trying to say you are innocent behind that mask of lies and hypocresy?

      Don't be annoying and just speak when you actually can come up with smart ideas. Saying you can't do anything or that you won't do anything will simply not bring any progress to this game or it's community. Thank you.
    • Deneu 2019.06.26 13:37
      Burnnnnnnnnnnn XD
    • 빈신 2019.06.29 11:13
      Dang Noct you surely got told XD you do need to stop assuming everything is a whine though and admit this game has flaws
    • S13Celestial 2019.07.03 01:00
      Lol noct at his trolly ways again. Don't listen to this joker. He gets off on this kind of stuff.
    • Lois96 2019.06.26 07:08
      Ugh dude, this... just made me sad. Have you seen Celine in fc? It's very difficult to handle.... it would be good if Apollon or Genovia can null Celine's +1rage... U know what, forget it. I just saw that u said u dont care about fc. But i do. The better rewards of fc keeps me playing. If I have the time to whine here, i would whine too. Now where's my cheese, i aint providing cheese for my self u arse
    • Muskrat 2019.06.27 08:45
      I think the failure here is that nobody is listening. Nobody listens to each other and vs may not be listening to their players either. Naturally the forum will devolve into non-constructive bickering.
    • Muskrat 2019.06.27 08:49
      Yes, the game meta has changed significantly these past few months from something relatively stable and, perhaps, boring to some players. I don't know what vs future plans entail, but I assume that after some time the new 4* hunters will be made more widely available. There is still the question of whether their skills are unbalanced, and we won't know the answer to that until they finish releasing the last few 4* hunters in this series.
    • Muskrat 2019.06.27 09:01
      Furthermore, I would like to share my own feelings on these new 4* hunters.

      1) They are exceedingly arrogant in the story missions and I despise them for it. These hunters are not respectable and I will always have to look down on them unless something changes.

      2) The new hunters were injected into mirage ruins. People who finished mirage ruins before the hunter release didn't have to battle them, while the rest of us have to deal with a game that is fundamentally more challenging. The new hunters should have only been added to new floors, not injected into existing floors.

      3) Not enough people have new hunters yet to me make it competitive. I gave up trying because the rates are so low. Even twins were unattainable despite my exhaustive efforts. At this point I practically want to to swear you have to give them out like a selection request because I'm not wasting any more Manda on another Karl. I have better uses for Manda than that!

      I could go on but this is exhausting me.
      I hope that was constructive enough.
    • Muskrat 2019.06.27 09:16
      Here's the most important point, which I regret burring at the bottom.

      I love this game because it's been about consistent growth of existing hunters. Build to 5*, skill up, transcend, upgrade gear, attach jewels.

      These new nat 4* hunters can make everything I've built obsolete.


      Rather, add new upgrades to existing hunters. Don't obsolete them.

      What comes after jewels? Be creative!
    • Sevia 2019.06.27 16:32

      Yes, a new hunter on mirage ruins appears usually because of people acquiring recent copies of them, that's why suddenly you were doing the same floor (250 for me everyday for example), and one day instead of seeing Dino or Edward/Kain, you see Harley, Geranium, Windblade... soon we will probably have crocus removed from current rotation into Celine or Teresa, and that's where the annoyance in daily activities will come in, to not leave for a good while.

      Bibi became obsolete because T1 Windblade is technically better on top 10-20 to deal with current set ups than her. Heidi is useless now because there's a legit method to acquire Twins without worrying about RNG. Beckhen as first unit on defensive set ups is no longer viable, as people can chainstreak on that and the second unit if he dies (or even up to the third one), making those teams too vulnerable unless they use Celine (and even then, it has it's weaknesses).

      Geranium is essentially Windblade made a bomber, and the only way to deal with the perma bleed+stun critical is to have unstunnable units or Genovia ready for tanking those hits. For a player who based it's teams on non 4* and that do not use Bibi+Therapy or Genovia, that's a huge issue.

      Maybe in the low ranks of fight club people do not have the 4*'s I may be talking about, but in ranks 1-100, about 85% of the users involved have at least 1 viable fully upgraded 4* (if not more), and those can definitely be a reason on whether you win or lose a fight.

      This is no longer a game that is friendly to newer users that aspire to become top ranks (honestly it stopped being so since the first championship of fight club of this game), and definitely doesn't help to hold the community playing when half of the events are based on microtransactions. (Clara's weekend, Lottery Mouse gifts, walnuts and recruiting events, Audrey's Moola Bar, Dawdly's service, the X hunter vs Y hunter competitions... between many others we've had in the past... also, Packages being considered events? lol.)


      I may be actually manage to keep playing until this game closes down, some times more actively than others (especially because fight club is now seen more as of a punishment in the high ranks), but, for someone who has played since the game was released and saw all kind of communities be formed then suddenly they also disappear, I do not find this to be very likeable.

    • Calludus 2019.06.27 21:56
      I feel you Sevia.. as a contender on top ranks, current top ranks with Celine right now kind of impossible to beat with my 4★ T2 Units. I usually use skill on my own magic number at Rage 4.20 then 4.25 AI then use skill. With Celine presence, Rage 3.35 is now very early to use skill and they keep messing out. Though it would be my advantage because I always used my T0 Geranium with Lvl 50 weapon max to tag all enemy units into permanent bleeding and cut any heals by 50%,.. so yeah it's still not enough to beat them; they hit hard also.

      3★ offenses becoming obsolete. Well I could say except for Chichi since she's the last 3★ offense introduced. I met some kind of her and indeed a threat when she land 4th and stunned; the speed somewhat faster than Karl, Twins, Vincent + critical chance boost in compliment with her 5th. Guaranteed Win.

      Well I guess you can beat all of them because you reached the max potential of T3 4★s. I feel like the game is slowly adapting to its higher stage when they introduced those hunters and for us to cope up with... but this only left to low-mid players.. how will they adapt with those advance mechanics with just little time spent? I'm pretty sure no one will spend time even a month from fresh new players now. I remember when I was a newbie, I just spent 1 month to get my 1st 5★ Hermes and subsequent months got me another 2 more 5★ and so on.. that was long but decent enough for me because of receiving constant rewards from search and abyss that time...

      At the end of the day, it's up to us if we continue to play as we adapt on their imposed newer mechanics in the game. Well honestly as a fellow RuneScape player, I've been there when the transition from OSRS to RS3 then now to NXT that caused commotions and debates whether to adapt the changes or quit. As for Blustone, I think developers knew all of them rules and mechanics. It's just.. it will really take our time for it to adapt..
    • Muskrat 2019.06.27 23:31
      I don't know if they are gathering any metrics from user behaviors but I can tell you very clearly how things are affecting me. First, I stopped opening the market because I can't quickly understand what's in it. Second, I stopped bothering to recruit because it's a waste of resources getting basically nothing I don't already have. Third, I hardly bother with mirage anymore because it takes too long and filled with Nat 4* I lack parity with. Fourth, i didn't give them my $20 this month. I gave it to a different game.

      Overall you could say my player engagement metric is dropping, and that's a metric they should care about. If my engagement falters, other players' must be as well.

      If we were talking about one little thing then it's simple, but we aren't. There's a lot of mistakes pilling up.

      It takes someone to listen though.

      The innovations we need are along these lines:
      1) Guild collaborative projects
      2) More strengthening for existing hunters

      Just those two points alone could fill out a year of engaging updates and product purchases, and they would add value as opposed to destroying it.
    • 빈신 2019.06.29 11:21
      Honestly ignore noct he invests a lot of money and won't let anyone badmouth this game cause he doesn't want his money go to waste
    • NocturnaI 2019.07.02 14:34
      You people are so full of yourselves.
      I offered no solution because there won’t be one.
      The developers won’t change desirable hunters,
      That’s just silly to even think they would.
      They tried out releasing new 4 star hunters and wow guess what? People wanted them and their new skills. If anything it gave new life to the game.

      Stop trying to find solutions to problems that don’t exist.
    • Charliotte 2019.07.02 15:45
      Yeah, sure, so all of the people are wrong and you seem to always be right? I would say it is the other way around. The excessive 4* didn't give life, but actual death to this game. A shame you are too pathetic to experience it by yourself. Btw, ty for free pts and no revenges, ur team is too easy ^^
    • NocturnaI 2019.07.03 13:56
      It’s funny you think I care about someone who has 15 accounts xD you need a life outside of this game. You don’t see how pathetic it is that you care so much about a game that you degrade yourself to sad insults that never work on me. But go ahead keep making yourself out to be the child you are, whining and moaning about nothingness.
    • Charliotte 2019.07.03 17:42

      Sure sure, says the one who spends his life on the game chat 24/7 just so he can have a chance to recruit people to his fart of a guild lol. You were the one left as a ridicule pathetic person anyways (can't be a coincidence that the majority of the people who commented on this topic agreed on how nasty you are, right?).


      Good one, clown. Thanks for the show lmao

    • Rawvek 2019.06.29 14:54
      I've been on some kind of HORRID streak that has not granted me ANY of the newer hunters, and I mean none of them. Blustone kills me at times.
    • Jakestar12231 2019.07.06 05:48
      Wow, Sevia. You are kind of being really rude. Someone simply posts on your thread, offering one possible perspective (when you were the one asking in the first place), and you go and bash them. Nocturnal, sorry, but your perspective is not valued here. Maybe someone else will value your input on their thread, instead of looking for posters who will simply say what they want to hear.
    • Charliotte 2019.07.06 21:10
      Cannot respect someone who lacked respect to me first. He has caused issues to many users in the past too, and by so, many players reject him and his guild, and do not like chatting or interacting in room 1 due to his nasty attitude. Call me all you want, but there was nothing productive or useful out of his supposed statements. The future of this game is pending on a small line, and every movement done on these last month updates evidently show it.

      For someone who has been on this game since it's release, it is pitiful to see the status quo of Blustone.
    • DefyTheRush 2019.07.06 21:58
      Something really went down in the comments huh, anyways, I never experienced Celine in FC but reading this post I’ll expect it’ll be hectic to fight against her x-x

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