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We need more content plz   [4]

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    We could use just a little something extra to actually keep us inside of your game playing. There are extended periods of time where I open Blustone for all of 1-3 minutes, and it leaves me wishing there was something else to do in the game. I won't talk about guilds, even though so much more needs to be added in regards to them, but if you could focus just a little time on some type of game expanding content that engages players, we would all very much appreciate it!

    • Calludus 2019.07.05 23:14
      The most enjoyable feature in every game:
      Live Duel.
      Guild Raid.
      A content that involves the cooperation of the community.

      For PvE/Casual

      Infinite Tower .. will be similar to Mirage but only done once a month.. and that should give hefty amount of rewards.

      Stat Reroll .. they should add it for existing jewels where you can select an unwanted substat to be rerolled... well that cost may be the same when you buy in manda or 10% higher. If overpriced, better none haha.

      More Abyss expansion.

      (My own selfish opinion) Bring back the old hunter search rewards most preferably XP!!! and make friends/guildmates become working again.

      ... I doubt if they will ever entertain this suggestion of yours to VS. I rarely or never feel any of our suggestions happened for the last 1 year and counting... and they tend to be very slow in terms of content progress..

      Remember when Guild was teased on 2018 of August then introduced on November.. chat is unavailable, too many bugs.. jammed the general chat channel. Wow.. it was only gone fully operational when on 2019 of March updates. Imagine the length of time just for adding Guild Content includes Chat, Fuel Request and Guild Contribution Star rewards... like Omg! Haha..

      .. That's why I don't expect that much and so I still give respects to the game and the developer team who made it... Built-in Forum is still the Blustone's greatest feature... only few mobile games has this. Others need to register another account just for forum. Lol.

    • 빈신 2019.07.06 10:59
      That's what I've been saying, but you are correct it is a great game, I want more from it, but won't get my Hope's up honestly causebit is a great game and they always update it so it may come just probably not this year
    • Apaya 2019.07.06 12:49
      I agree. I think it is a good time to release new contents, not a new 4-star hunter.
    • Charliotte 2019.07.06 21:05
      Pretty much agree. This game needs more depth content wise, not new units not everyone is willing to pay for. Even now, it looks like they have not bothered to test their effects out properly, and leave us to deal with all these disasters to supposedly adapt. (Accord to them, we are the QA testers, right? Lmao)

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