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Always feel free to ask   [2]

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    It seems that a lot of low /mid level players are trying to cut their spot in the BS universe by adding guides, sharing tips or helping others figuring out how to play.
    And that's good.
    It means the community is still alive and growing.

    After one year and half of playing, someone could argue that there's nothing much left to understand in game mechanics. But that's untrue.
    I still have, sometimes, to ask people for some kind of advice.
    And that's probably the biggest tip one could ever share with you:

    "Always feel free to ask".

    I'm not saying that guides are useless. But those are just the very tip of the iceberg.
    Experienced high level players might create a very nice guide, and probably they'll just barely scratch the surface of the infos that might be required by other players.
    Low/mid level players trying to create a guide will just write incomplete or incorrect stuff (in the long run).


    Experience the game by yourself. Play with the intention of growing strong.
    And if in doubt, feel free to ask.
    People in "tips section" will always be ready to explain complex, precise stuff.
    People in chat might offer their help, sharing info and directly answering your questions.
    Chat guild also is a nice way to learn.

    "Always feel free to ask" might sound obvious, i know... but in the last months very few players have posted their doubts or their uncertainty in chat or forum/tips section.
    Everyone is just sharing their thoughts, explaining stuff or inventing bizarre strategies.
    But very little people is asking for tips and advices.

    Don't be afraid.
    Even we, high level experienced players, have been young some time ago (for some more "ago" than for others xD).
    We know how you might feel, but asking has never been a shame for anyone.
    We asked as well, when we were fresh, and we're still asking from time to time.

    Have a good day and good hunting out there.

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