Purple Metron Ayu Daily

by MrBlustone posted Jul 18, 2019

I'm a reporter for Purple Metron Ayu Magazine. Today I have juicy details for all players worldwide. For the next 24 hours, there will be elites popping up left and right in the waters of Midgard and Alfheimr. There is a 2% chance of Purple Metron Ayu notifications. If you see one, screenshot it instantly. It's my job to find all of the missing Purple Ayu and I need the images for my boss. Please, if you catch one, message me. My inbox is MrBlustone. Those that manage to find a purple Metron Ayu today will get a shoutout by yours truly. Uhm, THAT MEANS ME IF YOU DIDN'T GET THE MEMO! Oh, and only one player from each server will find the Legendary Request today. So fish fish fish! Aside from fishing, Vincent was spotted in the mirage ruins. Everyone please be careful, especially newer hunters. We wouldn't want any more retirements so soon. The Nene event is still ongoing. For those wasting your watergun targets on Heidi and Octavia, STOP IT! Target the scrolls. I don't think anyone wants less than a free 3 or 4 star natural summon, so TARGET Erise daily....or at least Bibi. Her rewards are do-able. There is a 80% chance of no special snow or wind effects appearing on anyone's in-game screen today. Sooooo enjoy Rebecca's bikini outfit. This has been Reporter Blustone, now signing off.