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My disappointment   [9]

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    I am really annoyed with how the game is going. I have saved up my manda for 1 month now accumulating about 1300 manda. I decided to use it in a banner that I like and guess what? The 10+1 deal is only for paid manda. You guys literally scrapped all of my hard work grinding and saving for special events. I don’t get why this had to be a requirement in the pills but it doesn’t make any sense. F2p players should be able to 10+1 draw to
    • Nazure 2019.07.26 16:16

      from my experience, BluStone is having the most generousity when granting f2p players free-money to do gacha-pull.
      - stay in top 1000 FC for just 2 weeks can gain ~400 manda, able to do 10+1 pulls for-free.
      - IAP 400 manda roughly 15-20 USD i think; so that value is given like freely - just be active in pvp a bit.

      consider here: u as f2p managed to gain 1300 manda. That big heap value gained Freely if transfer as into USD.

      so, my point here:

      1/ BluStone: Most generous gacha-game i know, can do x10 pulls weekly for-free (try others I'm playing: Honkai 3 / sdorica, no that x10 easily lol)
      2/ is it really okay and fair for 'em to just continue the good game by now without us players doing IAP?
      3/ back when introduced free-manda & paid-manda, such change expected - a little sad as now, but no surprise for me.

      I hope less folks say bad things / rude things about BluStone being greedy or this game p2p.
      That just how things work. All need cash a bit here and there...

      And u can still play the game w/o paying a single cent to BluStone really... no p2p IMO.

      your 1300 free manda, can do normal x10 pull or pull event one-time-each.
      Good luck, we all need it.

    • JellyGuy172 2019.07.26 16:51
      I am a f2p person. Having blustone allow many opportunities for whales gets extremely aggravating. Doing single pulls makes you miss out on 2 metrions, 1 extra hunter, and guaranteed 3*. And I do agree that the game could be f2p as I can gain 300-350 manda per week. I just find that having these limitations for f2p is unfair. We should be able to do good banners with our hard earned manda. If people really wanted to recruit from the banner they could just buy it. It doesn’t make any sense for them to just suddenly add a barrier to an event. All other 4* events didn’t have this restriction and I believe this one should bet he same as all other events
    • CrySec 2019.07.26 18:11
      Nazure, your point is:

      1. Blustone used to be so very generous, don't complain if they stop that.
      2. Other games are worse.
      3. Don't complain.

      Wow. A game used to be good and now that it's getting worse and worse, people naturally complain. You can't expect us not to, this change is clearly unfair. It doesn't help that we all saw this coming, we did complain back then and they didn't listen. So we'll complain again.

      Alternatively, we could all accept that this game is getting p2w and quit playing, but we don't want that. We'd like the game to *stay* good, why is that a bad thing?

      If you do something bad, don't complain when people complain about it. That doesn't make any sense.
    • Izathiel 2019.07.27 02:13
      You have to remember that a free game is going to have some kind of p2w aspect. You won't find a game that doesn't. You should always be expecting this if you're going to be a f2p player. If everyone is allowed to have all the 4* hunters then there's no reason to spend money on the game. If the developers aren't making money then there's no reason to continue working on the game. No one works for free. Stop giving in to your emotions. I'm a f2p player and I'm not happy about it either but complaining is never going to work. If we keep asking for more content, they're going to ask for more money. You can't blame them for that.
    • CrySec 2019.07.28 16:46
      It's not about *that* they want to make money, it's about *how* they want to make money. If they're making fun of a large chunk of their player base, it's not the right way. It'd be better charging for downloading the game if they don't care about f2p players anyway.
    • Fukurama 2019.07.27 02:44
      Incoming natural 5* hunters with atk buffs until new hunter release, p2w fight club powerups for your team, triple fc ticket space and regen for legendary rank and stat boosting cosmetic items!!
    • PTS-Vincent 2019.07.27 06:05
      Were you referring to the gold walnuts event? Because it worked for me and I'm 100% f2p
    • 4tran 2019.07.28 19:47
      You're worried about 10x tyl tyl + akasha...
    • Osucat 2019.07.31 19:52

      they made it alot easier to get mandatory tho now

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