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It's enough of this issue with the general chats   [18]

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    Ever felt that one of the biggest reasons people cannot and won't feel like using the general chats is not because of it's malfunctioning but instead, due to the random lurkers that take joy into reporting the people who want to talk?


    Yeah, that's the main reason why people are scared or not motivated to participate. One of the concerning motives as to why so many people stopped hanging around or moving on to other chatting methods.


    There is no reason to have the general chat if we cannot see who is online. The anonimity is actually something that should not be allowed either, especially considering that no matter how innocent or objective your talk seems to be, there will be always someone reading who will feel offended by what someone says.


    So basically, even if you do a merging between the Midgard and Alfheimr chats, nothing has been achieved, because the death cycle will repeat as long as there are users reporting those who were willing to speak.


    Until this issue is fixed, private Line/Discord/Kakao chat groups will prevail over using the game chat. There is no need to risk getting suspended or banned for using a feature that has little to no reward for doing so.


    Why do I bring this topic up? Well, because recently a good amount of people have received warnings without any explanation from Natara. Some won't really bother to ask, but for those whos sole purpose was to spark up the game a bit, this seems rather punishing and unfair.


    Sorry to those players who have presented this issue in the past.

    • Calludus 2019.08.20 10:56
      I want to leave a Like on a post but I can't and it seems broken. The Like Button isn't working.
      Am I the only one experience this?

      Chat seems unsafe now. > <
    • 빈신 2019.08.20 11:11
      Did you refresh it, it's not automatically updated like it used to like the chat and you gotta refresh it manually
    • Katte 2019.08.20 17:21
      I'm also experiencing the same problem.
    • JellyGuy172 2019.08.20 11:27
      Well this is new, you can infinitely like things
    • DeusEx87 2019.08.20 14:32
      I should say that also reporting method should be revised.
      A more complete way of reporting with motivations and maybe the addition of screenshots should be recommended.

      And also a more logic way of acting from VS...

      I mean, if user xxxx never got reported in 2 years of activity (always acting nicely), and suddenly gets reported by user yyyy that keeps reporting players since the creation of his account 1 week before, something's wrong.
      And VS should dig a little deeper than just spamming warnings.

      Reports are a very helpful tool, but should be used wisely by players, and always checked by developers.
    • Nazure 2019.08.20 15:09
      idk if such thing does exist. Did received warning message from Narata once since i talk things badly on Forums. That's all.
      Dont know if people do really hit report others in game. Do they?
    • Kinomoto 2019.08.20 16:13 Files添付 (1)

      Something like this will suffice? No context, sometimes won't reply back if you want to ask for the reason, if you don't know how to contact them in another way that is not forums or game itself and you get suspended, you are pretty much screwed because you cannot appeal anything.

      Terrible methods, if you ask me. This reminds me of the old criminal justice systems way to work on problems solving. See where they ended now... Being completely removed and outdated.

      As last clarification, this is not mine, but of someone who idles on my discord server. This kind of warnings keeps players and overall community afraid and away from participating. Iron fist is the way to kill both veterans and newcomers.




    • Katte 2019.08.21 00:30
      You can email them. I've done it before when I couldn't get onto the game and I got good replies back from the team. Now here I am, playing as normal. As long as you get the message across persuasively and not rudely or forcefully, it should be sorted. Sometimes, it can take a while and other times, it is quick. You just got to hope that the issue will be sorted after you send.
    • Kinomoto 2019.08.21 03:56
      You know that on a proper system, they should automatically let you know the issue, right? Not that you have to be begging around asking what you are being accused of. Otherwise, at this rate everyone can report everyone else for whatever idea gets into their mind. If you don't believe there is an issue with this, just check chat channels. It is always mostly a graveyard even with the merge.
    • Katte 2019.08.21 07:04
      I'm not saying there isn't an issue. I'm just saying there are ways to solve this. Someone has to get the full message across to the VisualShower team or at the very least Natara.
    • Kinomoto 2019.08.21 10:42
      All they care for is for us to buy the next week new 4* lol...
    • Katte 2019.08.21 16:53
      That's a good point, but I'm a casual F2W player, so I don't mind if I miss a 4*.
    • Kinomoto 2019.08.21 20:47

    • 4tran 2019.08.20 18:28
      No wonder things got so quiet recently.

      Reported for stating sad fact /s
    • Muskrat 2019.08.20 19:39
      I think it would be more helpful if Natara would also tell people where to find the community terms of use in her warming message. Because right now she's being very vague. Also, most people will simply scratch their head and ask, "Who is this person?" Natara doesn't seem to have any way to authenticate her role. It all seems rather ad hoc and fake.
    • Kinomoto 2019.08.21 03:56
      Can confirm this is absolutely true.
    • papapou 2019.08.21 07:30
      Yess...and also there is a lot of ridiculos censord word that make you like a criminal
      Example ,world : i.ce , te.st simpl.e are censord ...why? You write this word and.you look like you are swearing and lurker will make fun to report you
    • 4tran 2019.08.21 15:17
      Ice world

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