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Selene, Nene's mom or genovia?   [9]

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    i have 4* hero select ticket and wondering who should i choose from these 3 waifus? i actually already have their sort of 3* counterparts octavia, athena and patrone so confused which one of these three would be a better choice

    • DeusEx87 2019.08.21 23:43
      Let's put it simple. It depends on your level (which I didn't check).
      Are you a quite new player which hasn't yet a very reliable team?
      Well, Genovia might help climbing story mode while you'll work out a more reliable hunter (nat3 are easier to transcend).
      Anemone will for sure be a decent improvement in your FC def team.
      Selene might also help in FC both def and offensive.

      But, if you are a seasoned player with very good hunters, all skilled and effective in both pve and pvp... well, in this particular case you should pull the one that gives you the more bonuses (both for collection and fates), since your t0 nat4 will be a lot weaker then your nat3 hunters.
    • EcchiKun 2019.08.22 04:18

      i would say i'm at mid game right now not a new and not veteran either i have a lot of 3* my octavia is 5* my current team which i use for story mode is octavia 5* and akasha, patrone and athena all three are at 4* max level these are the ones i have upgraded and levelled besides that i have quite a few other 3* like diana, hermes, nene that girl with handcuffs i don't remember her name and some others


      Edit: sorry anemone is not available in the selector so that leaves genovia and selene

      or maybe something else if you would wanna suggest like elise or something

    • Kinomoto 2019.08.22 06:30
      From personal experience, I enjoyed using Selene a lot more. Her anti stun properties make your team literally invulnerable to the deadly effects of Geranium/Diana/any other bomber or support that can stun, compared to having the rest of units vulnerable when your Genovia cannot take the hits. Genovia needs all 3 pieces of equipment at high level and health jewels to be viable, Selene only needs level 40+ weapon and 6 offensive jewels of any tier superior to gold 3* to be good.

      T1 Selene is essentially a bit weaker than a T3 Ice Lantern as an equivalent. T2 and T3 will be much harder for enemy to tank without resistant units. She can be prepared much quicker, at a lower cost and still be very efficient with her first special costing 4 points then next only 3 due to gaining back 1 skill point per activation.

      Genovia needs at least second trascendence to be usable, but bests effects come at T3.
    • Calluzzar 2019.08.22 12:36
      Why can't you choose Twins?

      I got T0 Twins back when I was in middle game too. Twins are always reliable on all sort of activities in Blustone. With minimal upgrades at least all Skill Lvl Max and goes even more on Equip > Jewels set.

      Windblade Twins Genovia since there's 4★ selection are best to start with. Just within 6-7 months... precisely and exactly 196 days. You'll get T3 on any of them but better choose only 1 hunter to focus and to complete Transcendence.

      They're much better and less effort compared to Harley that would take a year+ just for T3.
    • EcchiKun 2019.08.22 15:40

      not a fan of twins or windblade and i don't like building characters i don't like

      i don't get the same satisfaction i get when i build characters i like

    • Calludus 2019.08.22 16:09
      Haha.. well If that you would feel.. me too.. I don't like Beckhen even if he's Meta and I'll just stay as he is on my dorm. You're like Hot Waifus.. so among those three.. hmm it's just they're different that's why it's hard to decide which. Genovia is an offense, Anemone is a defense and Selene is a bomber. Well.. if you don't have tough offense. 1st priority should be Genovia, 2nd is Selene lastly Anemone.
      Genovia+Selene will compliment with each other since Genovia 2nd has enemy damage reduction block down and thus her skill attacks are deadly so does Selene herself is hard hitter.
    • EcchiKun 2019.08.22 18:24

      it's not that i just like hot waifus i like interesting characters as well with cool design but there's not a lot that i like in the game
      i'm just not into young looking waifus if i randomly get them fine but if i have to select i would chose not to

      i was originally thinking of selene as i have patrone as my bomber and idk how strong she is, my current main DPS is octavia i don't have much knowledge of the game yet so idk if genovia is stronger but considering she's 4* so i naturally she would be stronger i was Actually thinking of getting genovia because i love her ultimate animation :p but if octavia would work fine then i can skip genovia for now and get selene or as someone else above suggested i might get genovia until i get my octavia stronger through transcendence


      thanks for your time

    • Trixmatyr 2019.08.23 14:55
      I don't think beckhen is meta anymore ...nerfed too much...I feel that even using him is like giving me a disadvantage
    • 4tran 2019.08.22 19:21
      Baw, you got my hopes up. Anemone is not yet available.

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