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I hope there is any Developments on Report   [3]

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    You know what they said, 3 times the charm, and i already got reported for my latest post, it didn't take days or hours, i know i shouldn't mind it because i haven't got any notice from Natara wich is actually a good thing, i really thanked you for evaluating what kind of report that person made, you heard me it's the action of a player not 2 or 3 but 1, great right i already know it and possibly know that person, should i report that person then? I would want to, but i have no proof of that person really is the one who reported me with that person's acc plus smurf acc, but we won't talk about that person, we here to talk about what can i do, what should i do, and what vs can do.

    What can i do? Just report that person if you already know it?
    wrong, that person's idea is to make me not enjoying BS wich is i really enjoyed, plus i don't want to report blindly just like that person :)

    What should i do? Just go with it?
    Wrong, that means i just take a hit from the anonym and simply said i'm fine until i can't take it anymore

    So what VS 'can' do?
    I have a suggestion about making the person's ign being sent via DM just like Natara's warning to whoever that got reported, so the reported can report the reporter 'if' the reporter just falsely report you, but i figured it out it could be troublesome for vs because they have to send a name to a player wich is your identity and it's really important and can be use for another hideous purposes and it clearly violate the anonymity
    They could erase the report trace and view the report that being submitted, evaluate it and not stopping there, backfire the reporter if they falsely report you, if vs itself that take an action it won't violate anything including privacy wich is important these days.

    I know it's a lot to ask, you got like maintenance to fix everything, things got broken or not working, but report button is seriously a powerful features, it's a shame if one person can spread misfortune as they pleased, so i sincerely ask for this favor and hope there will be a further hope for anyone that getting reported for what they didn't do and caused them to feel bad about the game.

    And you might want to compare other articles to see clearly it is a work of hatred, not just a lurker, i don't even surprised if this articles too got reported, you should leave your personal reason aside while playing games, games are meant to be fun, i know i'm not a good person in that person's PoV but seriously, it's bothersome to see.

    • Michealangelo 2019.09.17 01:59
      the report thing hardly means anything on posts in the forum, unless you get 20+ reports. I'm saying this because we already had things such as very lame dramas in this forum, that only got deleted after a it got many reports (and replies lol does anyone remembers that fight that had 75+ replies?).
      Which I don't think makes you receive any dm's from Natara, bc here on blustone we had some humanoid anomalies that happened to cause drama every now and then and never got banned.
      Still, I agree with you on your second suggestion. People shouldn't be able to randomly spam report just because. Or they can change the "report" to "deslike", if they just want to give the users an option to express opinion, and leave "report" to uhhh actual reports.
    • FionnFjord 2019.09.17 07:41
      I agree with the dislike button features so i can make it as my booster to create more good drawing, develope my personality more and accepting that it's not like everyone gonna like me.

      I just felt ill because i (possibly) know the person but i can't prove it, i get ill when i feel like i can do it but the system said no, and i don't like or meant to be a Drama Queen, sorry if it's making people think i'm making small matters big(。•́︿•̀。)

      I don't know the amounts required for it's to be banned or even getting a warning so i just sceptic about it.

      I don't know what you are talking about since i just 4 months old been playing, it sounds serious and kinda frightening to see people actually fighting on Forum, i hope this doesn't spark anything(。•́︿•̀。)
    • DeusEx87 2019.09.17 13:02
      If you get 20+ reports it's gonna mean nothing as well.
      Devs can check forums whenever they want, with or without report call.
      This is not democracy... it doesn't work like that.
      It's not that after 10 reports Devs might take in consideration the reports and after 20 there is the ban.
      Devs will check the post and if it's not breaking any rule, they'll let it be.
      Even with a thousand reports.

      As you said, pobably it would be better to change the name from "report" to "not liked"...

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