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Block vs. Crit Chance?   [7]

Alaiko    Lv.  8
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    Hi VSPang, 


    I just wanted to ask a question regarding block and crit chances. If a critical strike from an attacker and a block from a defender procs at the same time in arena, will the block override the critical damage and the damage dealt be considered as blocked damage?


    Judging from how crits rarely land on Athena in arena, I'm guessing this is true, but I just wish to have some confirmation. 


    On a side note, I am sort of curious as to how the block chance for Athena stacks. Athena has a natural 33% percent chance of blocking and her 5th skill gives her an additional 30%. Does the additional block chance stack additively or with diminishing returns? 


    Just to clarify, additively means


    Final block chance = 33 + 30 = 63%


    With diminishing returns, it means that not the entire 30% will be added. An example of this will be using the formula, (1-(1-x1)(1-x2)...).

    So, for this case,


    Final block chance = (1 - (1-0.33)*(1-0.3)) = 53.1%. 


    If you cannot reveal this information, then you can just ignore the second part. This is more for my personal curiosity. 

    • xrogerx 2017.09.26 05:48
      Don't leak the secret to everyone... You'll be dead by morning alaiko... Rip
    • reese_y 2017.09.26 05:58
      All I know is, whenever I challenge her, I lose by timeout. Even though I would've won. They should get rid of the time all together. Wait what was I saying?
    • Vexus 2017.09.26 06:14
      Welcome to the conspiracy fam. We dealing in forbidden knowledge now :0
    • HoZhihui 2017.09.26 11:03
      And there is denali who increase team block chance too
    • VSpang 2017.09.26 14:39
      I will ask about this and get back to you. Great questions!
    • VSpang 2017.09.28 16:02
      Hi Alaiko, I'm back with the developer's comments.

      1. The current block chance is additive, so Athena's final block chance is 63%.
      2. A high block chance reduces the chance to receive critical damage and reduces the critical damage done.

      We apologize we can't reveal the exact functions and mechanisms but we hope you are satisfied with this information. Thanks again for your questions!
    • Alaiko 2017.09.28 21:55
      Hi VSpang, thank you for your response!

      1. Ah ok, so it was additive. The reason why I asked that is due to the fact that I don't like probabilities stacking additively because of balance issues and after a certain while, the probabilities stop making sense. Suppose I had a new hunter named 'X' who also has a team skill to increase block chance. If I were to put Athena, Denali and 'X' together in one team, then their total block chance becomes 33% + 25% + 25% + 25% = 108%...which really has no meaning since probability values are supposed to be between 0 and 1. (also, it's 25% because of the recent news about block chance being nerfed). You could take it to be 100% block chance but I really don't think it is going to be very pleasant facing an Athena who blocks everything that attackers throw at her.

      This is why I prefer the diminishing returns method. With diminishing returns, it ensures that players cannot exploit a powerful attribute by repeatedly stacking it. So, I was hoping the devs would reduce the additional block chance in some way. It doesn't even have to be the formula I provided above. You could simply penalize the additional block chance from other sources beyond the first. For example, you could do this.

      Case 1: Athena alone

      Athena has a natural 33% block chance.
      Her 5th skill gives her 25% more (1st source).

      Total = 33% + 25% = 58%

      Case 2: Athena + Denali

      Athena has a natural 33% block chance.
      Her 5th skill gives her 25% more (1st source).
      Denali's team skill gives her 25% more (2nd source).

      You can penalize this 2nd source by 50% so it only gives 12.5% instead.

      Total = 33% + 25% + 12.5% = 70.5%. (which is still quite a lot in my opinion, but I guess the values can be tweaked later, haha)

      Case 3: Nene + Denali

      Nene has a natural 33% block chance. However, she does not have any skills that improve her block chance.
      Denali's team skill gives her 25% more (1st source)

      Total: 33% + 25% = 58%

      This ensures that Athena does not get a huge advantage while also making the other defenders aren't affected.

      Well, I say that but seeing as the devs recently nerfed the block chance to 25% and there isn't a 3rd hunter that increases block chance, I think it is OK for now. It's just a suggestion to keep in mind for future patches.

      (By the way, the same goes for critical strike chance but the values might have to be buffed a little since they are already quite low right now.)


      2) Well, I probably should have made my initial question clearer haha.

      The thing is, I basically got one of my friends to put Athena + Akasha as his defence and I used Hermes + Lantern to attack him. While attacking, I noticed 3 values (11, 22, 30) repeatedly popping up when Hermes was attacking Athena which I matched to the following scenarios:

      Block from Athena | No Critical Strike from Hermes : 11
      No Block from Athena | No Critical Strike from Hermes : 22
      No Block from Athena | Critical Strike from Hermes : 30
      Block from Athena | Critical Strike from Hermes : ??

      If I understood your response correctly, it means the critical strike DOES occur (30 damage) and then the block from Athena reduces it (by 50% - that's her block resistance value). So, I should be seeing a 15 for that scenario, but I don't. Or is this a bug then?

      Additional Info:
      My Hermes was transcended twice and my Lantern was transcended once.
      My friend's Athena was transcended twice and his Akasha was transcended once.
      Our 3rd and 5th skills for all the hunters were maxed.

      I'm sorry for making you go through this again, but if this is a bug, then I think it should be fixed asap :(

      P.S I'm really sorry you always have to read through my long posts. Hopefully, it doesn't waste too much of your time.

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