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Officials do not enforce their own rules and regulations! Connive Koreans!   [4]

奈何枉然    Lv.  8
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    Image 1: The game official clearly stated that criticizing designated politicians or instigating regional emotions is against the rules of the game, but the game official refuses to deal with the free speech of the three Koreans in Hong Kong! (Evidence: Image 2 and Image 3)
    Does South Korea support Hong Kong freedom? So your company also supports?

    I have responded to the complaint many times in the exchange area for this matter. The official only responded symbolically and there was no follow-up treatment! None of the remaining complaints were answered! May I ask your official game rules and regulations that you do not fulfill or not handle? Can players do whatever they want? Then please unblock all the players which is blocked because of hack issue! What are the reasons for these blocked players to abide by your rules and regulations? You don’t follow it yourself!
    October 15, 2019 (Image 4)
    November 11, 2019 (Image 5)
    November 14, 2019 (Image 6)
    November 15, 2019 (Image 6)
    November 25, 2019 (Image 7)
    The above are all my complaint posts! This is the proof that the government does not deal with indulgence!

    These three Koreans still have not been dealt with under the official rules and regulations! Does your company think that Hong Kong is not a region of China? The remarks of these three Koreans are not inciting regional feelings?

    The most ridiculous thing is that the only one official responded that the matter still needs to be discussed and handled in accordance with rules and regulations! What do official discuss? Discuss whether to change the game rules and regulations! Let's discuss whether Hong Kong belongs to China! Your actions now violate the bottom line of the sovereignty of a country! I believe that the citizens of any country will not tolerate this shameless behavior of you! Protect your country from posting such a sensitive topic! As an international server! If you can't do it fairly! Then don’t drive international server! Sooner or later go bankrupt! This is the most taboo thing as an international server! Your rules and regulations are useless! It can even be said to be two different rule! People from other countries must obey! Can Koreans ignore it? The game is not fair! Who is still playing! You Koreans, go and play for yourself! (Image eight)

    Finally I made my complaint request! Perform the title treatment in accordance with your rules and regulations! Block these three Korean players!









    • Review 2019.12.05 02:56
      Yeah. Visualshower will not involve themselves to solve this kind of issues. It is one of the reasons why English guilds like the one I originally founded are lacking organization or compromised players from the English community. Do not expect much support from us, as we are very little and demotivated, but we do agree that their way to settle matters is stupid and with little to no reasoning. We rather move on and not bother fighting anymore. No more dollars spent, either. Not a game worth the money anymore.
    • Fukurama 2019.12.10 10:07
      You fail to realise that they are guidelines for what COULD be considered acts breaking the GUP.
      In the end VS has the final say in all matters, and these "rules" could be considered more like guidelines of sort!

      seen the movie Pirates of the Carribbean? The pirate's code, just think of it like that :)
    • Fukurama 2019.12.10 10:56
      As a side note. You obviously have ulterior motives behind this post beyond if what these people actually did. So I just kindly ask you to take a moment and reflect maybe on whats important in life~~
    • Review 2019.12.10 13:20
      They somewhat asked for help from a community they contributed to killing, so it's normal to not see any support from either the moderators or players.
      Not like Natara was the ideal one to solve a matter of bans started on chinese forums anyways lol

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