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Fight club balance   [13]

papapou    Lv.  8
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    Canadian guild founder F2P guru3, fc rank4 3 time

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    Hi Vs, there is a sad issu from awaking hunter.
    Some of my friend ( free to play) are thinking seriously to retirer.
    Veteran friend playing since 3years!!
    Problem is Vincent have no good counter.
    You should have awake Balian first to have a possible electric counter again ice Vincent.
    Free to play will get Vincent in 4 years only, one good counter is Winblade but he have trouble to take care of awaken trancend 2 vincent .Full equip T3 windy with level 12 to 15 jewel have a hard time.
    Many new player will just leave the game if they cant spend money.

    Vincent need a good counter......many just hate fight club and are now casual player :(

    Yess i know i have not post in support ,its to give opportuniity to some player to give their feed back about this issu.

    • Nazure 2020.11.19 11:26
      i ran into awaked-Vincent in fight club sometime.

      I'd just first tank frontrow using healer / supportive bomber; then force-switch him using Loto mouse, & deal with others first.
      the trick here, is when rage-bar reach 3 or 4 then use force-switch, so that try avoid enemy Vincent stay at front row & have chance using his skill in battle.

      Afterwards, take care of Vincent. I normally using Karl - 3* Thunder-type & stun damage - in my team. I've been using him for long time and have no trouble. Vincent is frontline offensive-type, so not really too tough playing against him.
    • Smokeys 2020.11.19 21:52

      Yeah nah, this doesn't work against A2-3 Vincent when he's paired with T3 Estelle, Clara + Westfield/Sofia+Celine. Need to find a new method for these whale decks, otherwise, rip F2P base lol

    • BirdOfHermes 2020.11.21 14:43
      Maybe VS did it on purpose. Like they did with fc just a little while ago.
    • BirdOfHermes 2020.11.21 14:44
      Yeah hes seriously op! And I have a A1 vinny and he makes fc way too easy right now
    • JAR10S 2020.11.21 21:11
      I know Papapou. F2P has a hard time playing this game now since Awakened VINCENT can LITERALLY SHRED any defense tank. Not to mention, HE IS A FREAKING NAT 4 STAR HUNTER!
      If not Vincent, ESTELLE is also another OP hunter since VS gave her FORCE SWICTH AND ATK DISABLE+BLOCK CHANCE DOWN+CRIT ATK CHANCE DOWN. Like WTF VS!? Even if she is against REGEN tanks or Berserk Team, players will just keep spamming her skills! Especially if paired with Leon! I know cause Estelle at T0 is already OP and can take head on any low to mid tier defense deck!!!

      WHERE'S YOUR HUNTER BALANCE NOW VS!?!? You guys are just forcing us to pay your packages. I hope you can clean all those lifeless account that is accumulating this server.
    • 遺忘兔 2020.11.22 13:17
      Vincent is too strong to break the balance.
      Now FC defeats everyone with the same score.
      So you only pick the team that you could win...
    • papapou 2020.11.25 07:30
      Agree fight club score is now ridiculos, just refresh until you have a easy team to wreck and you get 15points!
      Where is the chalenge!!
      I was proud to try a hard tean in past cause i was able to get over 20points, possibility to win was low but the reward was awsome.
      To climb rank you had to fight again harder team to earn your rank!!
    • 綺萱 2020.11.27 03:37
      The current arena has no glory
      It is like a pile of mud.
      I understand your thoughts. In the past we relied on technology to win, but now we rely on Vincent? vs doesn't care about f2p!
    • Apaya 2020.11.27 07:23
      I also don't like the current FC meta. Vincent is too strong and there is no hard counter on him. I tried many things on him but nothing really counters him except the mighty Vincent himself.

      I think it would be better if the awakened captain was still an electric hunter so that he can survive a little longer from Vincent and provide some times to charge the rage gauge but I don't believe that could change much.

      Or hope to see VS remove the minimum defense stats so Dumble could be a little threat on him.
    • BirdOfHermes 2020.11.27 07:59
      And still no response from BS
    • Natara 2020.11.27 12:37
      Hello Captains,

      We sincerely thank you for your precious opinions.
      We have read all of our Captains' precious opinions and have delivered them to our development team.
      We will make sure to review your opinions for the update in the near future.

      Please feel free to contact us through our "Support" page if you have any further opinions!
      Thank you.
    • BirdOfHermes 2020.11.28 20:22
    • BirdOfHermes 2020.12.10 07:49
      Like you said on discord pap, hopefully they make a broken new 4 star to actually counter him!

      Crap, this probably gives them an idea to make more money!

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