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Questions regarding FC teams and Nat 4 units   [7]

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    I wanted to get some tips on choosing an attack and def team to work on long-term.

    Currently I am using awak. Cap, Estelle, L. Mouse, Val. Selene/Normal Selene, Celine, and recently got Vincent (working on lvling him up to further Awaken, etc).

    Now, I have every Nat 4 star available, except for Leon.

    As for the holiday themed ones, I have Val. Genovia, Val. Selene and New Year Alia. Missing the rest… can’t wait for Christmas~

    Which Nat 4 should I use for FC Atk and Def teams?
    Who should I aim for later during those holiday events?
    Any other units I should also keep working on apart from those for the FC teams?

    I appreciate all help and thank you in advance for the info! <3 Happy Gaming~
    • papapou 2021.03.06 06:50
      Estelle and captain is already seorious good combo
    • Nazure 2021.03.06 11:18
      "Any other units I should also keep working on apart from those for the FC teams?"

      1/ Leon, Dumble, Crocus, Celine to do end game expenditure stages (from level 450 onward to level 500)
      2/ EVERYONE else. u will need ALL-OF-THEM to do weekly guild-blitz during end game dates. Max rank 5*, max transcend, max skill 50 five-time all you can.
      Oh, and don't forget the extra passive stat players will get when max-fate (aka max rank 5*) EVERY-SINGLE-ONE.

      About attack & defense team in PvP,
      - not feel like telling u directly who to invest on. i'm struggling in top100 this week, & don't want more people come join me up here OzO
      - in-direct advise: consider things like your damage output; sustainable, regen, being alive through fight; stacking passive skill; force-switch? How game AI usually use skill during defense phase? Rage bar speed?

      Test these things, figure answer urself. If want some more guidance, see how people in ur friend-list deploy their team. See if anyone u want to follow?
    • 4tran 2021.03.12 15:39
      Most of the variant chars don't have fate bonuses - eg Halloween Tyl Tyl/Riku
    • Amadeus813 2021.03.07 08:03
      The meta right now is mainly centered on Vincent and to an extent Captain. They both have a dramatic effect on rage production. They can overwhelm your opponent through constant skill damage. They're primarily used in defensive teams along with Westfield and Clara. Clara is obnoxious because she stuns you way too long and indirectly stops you from gaining rage and has Damage Reduction. Celene is used for rage regeneration as well.

      The team that I use consists of two attackers, two bombers and Celene.

      I use Windblade, Captain, L.M., and Celene. For my second bomber, it depends on the situation. I use Sienna, Audrey, or OG Selene. (Val. Selene doesn't nullify Clara stun, thus I don't recommend).

      I would use Vincent to replace Windblade, but I haven't unlocked him (Guru 2). Hope this helps you. Nazure will probably be upset with me lol.

      As for banners I recommend saving up for Summer Leon and Spring Judith. Try to get the rest of the seasonal hunters if you can.

      As for others, like story stages; Dumble, Crocus, and Clara. There are guides from me and others if you are interested in beating Level 500. For guilds, practically everyone as Nazure stated.

      That's all I got
    • 4tran 2021.03.12 15:43
      How does Windblade compare to Karl Steiner?
    • Amadeus813 2021.03.13 12:46
      To be honest I forgot about Karl. They do a good job putting Vincent in a comprimised position and can stun him. Karl has the advantage where he has a little more defensive capability than Windblade and has a little more damage per second in most situations. Karl's 4th is really good early game.
      However the reason why I choose Windblade over Karl is synergy with Selene and the instant skill damage of his 4th can one shot ice healers in sudden death and is better late game because of it. I also prefer instant skill damage with guaranteed stun than speed buffs with a chance of stun. There are pros and cons; it's a matter of preference. If I remember correctly there was a person who finished top 10 recently using Karl.
    • 4tran 2021.03.13 21:48
      Thanks. Considering how much of a glass cannon karl is, I'm surprised that windblade is even flimsier. I guess I'll switch over once windblade is t2

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