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I got so tired of random game freezes and crashes in Fc and Blitz   [15]

Graf    Lv.  15
    • 115/150
    F2p guru3. 23/05/21:FC rank1! Canadian supervisor

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    Everything is said in the title. ^
    It's been for a while now. Along with lmouse bug, when he locks you in while using his skill.
    No fix. No patch.
    Tired and frustrated.
    Losing good teams in blitz, and losing battles in Fc. At random.
    It's been said already lots of times.
    Well, let's do one more.
    And one more after.
    And one more after the previous one if it's not enough.
    If you experience the same thing, please leave a comment, put a like. Let's try to attract VS attention.
    Though, I'm losing already any hope of an intervention :/
    • Graffy 2021.05.09 19:01
      I sign under every word that has been said.
    • CrySec 2021.05.09 19:18
      FC so laggy these days... Feels like 2 fps sometimes. Let's hope for a fix...
    • Nazure 2021.05.10 12:27
      - have you try contact VS using the Forum support box? post your complain here: https://bs.visualshower.com/help_desk_en
      - or, email to Customer service? the email address: cs@visualshower.com

      What kind of device you using? what brand mobile phone?
      How can VS help you if they dont know your phone brand, phone model yet lol.

      Me and my fellow guid-mate dont experience much problem like u here.
    • Joshiesaurus 2021.05.11 12:09
      Don't just assume that because a few people you know don't have this issue that many others don't. Because almost everyone I know has had this issue for weeks now. People across multiple communities complained and nothing happened to fix it. And everyone has various phone models. Going to support has done nothing. Alot of us are distrusting them so much that we everyone feels the need to scream at their failures in the forum's. Support is as useful as a monkey with a typewriter, and that's an insult to the monkey.
    • Steel-Arrow 2021.05.11 23:14
      ye lol
    • Nazure 2021.05.12 11:31
      1/ "People across multiple communities complained...."
      >>> could you tell me which community exactly? I use facebook, reddit and this forum, dont see many complain.

      2/ ".....Going to support has done nothing"
      >>> I got problem with this game before. I called CS and they helped me much

      could you not insult people or this game? could you not say "support is monkey"? it's toxic. thanks.
    • Eula 2021.05.12 19:13
      Nobody uses those platforms you quoted above due to censorship. All decent communities are residing in Discord. The only reason on why vs would act quickly is if too many users report it or expose it publicly. Also, if you don't like toxic player reactions, you should refrain from posting in a way that would make those users react agressively to what you type. Just as other careless advices I've seen you publish, beware that there are still players as old if not older than you still playing this game, and that know the frustration that people like OP are showing.
    • Joshiesaurus 2021.05.12 20:56
      Like Graf said, China and Korea have both posted about in public on their own forums, and too support when the freezes first started. However all this did nothing and I know people that are STILL posting to support about it and nothing has been done. So many people are affected the freezes at random. Just look at "performance enhancement" like Graf said. That bug is still there, and they skipped the update the said would fix it. Hell, the L mouse was never entirely fixed as well.

      Support helped me with some things in the past but for the last like, year they haven't been very helpful at fixing alot of issues. Alot of Vets in the English community are pissed with them since only going public has a chance of working and China is the same way from my understanding. Korea probably feels similar based on what I've seen other there. You seen to forget the there's a thing called LANGUAGE communities. On top of all the discord communities in which alot of people have, we've complained there in private since we all know how bad they can be.

      That's all I'm gonna say, I've said all this to you before in the past but you don't seem to listen to us either, not trying to be rude but you don't understand the frustration alot of older players are having with them currently.
    • Steel-Arrow 2021.05.11 23:13
      Captain Obvious trying to sell an answer that wouldn't work because VS just plain ignores us now.
    • Nazure 2021.05.12 11:22
      I got problem with this game before. Cannot read story in holiday event (Christmas, Halloween...)
      I email to CS. They helped me. They also sent some manda compensation. My problem got fixed.

      so, why saying VS ignore us? not correct.

      I was asking to the original poster Graf.
      Im not asking you. If cannot say anything helpful, then shut up. Don't talk trash here..
    • Eula 2021.05.12 19:16
      Lol you are talking about not being toxic then react agressively on the commenter above you. I wonder if sometimes you understand the pain some players go through just to login for a few minutes. If you had a little more empathy, you would understand this isn't just reduced to a personal customer post, but to affectations of a whole community that has received little to no content in the last 3 years. Compensations aren't everything, and at this point, manda is so devalued that once you hit all maxed goals, you don't even see a point on getting more of it, for quoting a single example.
      TLDR: You can shut up instead and wait for other players to give the opinions that can satisfy you, but don't count on everyone to please your ideals or "solutions".
    • Nazure 2021.05.12 11:37
      Last time I got problem, cannot read halloween / xmas event story.
      I sent email to Customer service, I send message to their fanpage on facebook.
      They reply me, & help me fix problem. they also sent manda compensation.

      U tried email them yet?
      Do you know their facebook address? https://www.facebook.com/BlustoneEN

      all im seeing here is, you just want to complain on this forum?
      VS announced yesterday they will do bug-fix. 500 manda compensate to everyone.
      You aware?
      Your game okay now?
    • Graf 2021.05.12 17:22
      Dear Nazure.
      Thanks for your useful input and your thoughts on this matter.

      HOWEVER, there are few things that I feel like I should clarify.

      I'm playing this game almost from the realese. You can count me as a first generation player. Surely I had some problems in the past years, and I know how to use 'support' page. And I DID use support in the past. And I even got helped. And I must admit I got helped petty fast.

      (also I will admit that I had no idea about their Facebook address and/or email address. Mostly because I never had the need to use them, so to speak, when I had problems I could easily access support page from the game itself, why would I want to complicate my life with going to the "Facebook fan page" and/or writing them an email? That was a rhetorical question. Nevertheless, thanks again for your precious info about Fb and email, I promise I will cherish it thoroughly)

      Now. The idea of my original post (as 'salty' as it[post] sounds) was to gather people who HAVE the same issue, make them comment, drop a like, attract attention, which clearly is not your case, since you don't experience the problem that I mentioned. So you could just 'pass it by' instead not only you are giving me advice, but also you are keeping posting replies making me take my time and use it to write this useless essay that I'm doing now.

      Now let's return to the problem in the first place.
      The 'freeze' bug that I mentioned affects NOT EVERY user, but a fair share. How do i know it? Because I communicate with other people, and not only in game chat. Also there are people who are keeping an eye on Korean and Chinese forums and, imagine, the 'freeze' bug was mentioned there also. And not once. I even have an input that the same thing happens in MonBlast.

      Now. The first mention of l. Mouse bug appeared on forums some time ago. And, if I remember correctly, which I think I do, the post even got replied by Natara, stating that the bug will be fixed in the near future.
      (I think it was a post by Joshiesaurus "what needs to be fixed in Fc")
      Meanwhile here we are, talking about it again.

      If you need more proofs, check the new post on forums called "performance enhancement".

      About 500 manda compensation. That was a VS compensation for the bug that happened yesterday and before yesterday. When we received update of BS from app store/play market. First, some apple users couldn't log in, the game was crashing. VS released a 2mb update to fix the issue and somehow after that some Android users were unable to log in/play as well because of crashes. IN NO WAY THIS COMPENSATION IS CONNECTED TO THE BUG IN MY ORIGINAL POST. Why would you even mention it? Pay attention to things that are going on.

      Anyways, I think VS can fix some 'small' things related to account, log in email address, or manda acquisition in the support section. But experience proved that more 'serious' issues have a better chance to be solved while posted on forums for everyone to see and comment and express their opinion and not hidden in the 'support page'

      That's all I had to say I guess.

      With respect,

    • BirdOfHermes 2021.06.15 17:09
      I wish you could " like " comments on here!
    • Eula 2021.05.12 19:20
      I can understand the pain of game crashes every single week, losing my best Vincent team to such crap shouldn't be a thing...

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