[Vspang] Guaranteed Halloween Witch Riko

by Minueko posted Oct 24, 2017
This is more like suggestion tho, since some of us have the worst relationship ever with the fat mouse.
I know there's alot of this type of event in mobage, which gives/alotted event character that gives more point/advantage in event area, BUT they always came with ATLEAST increased chance.
Ive already used around 80 elite scrolls and some *2 scrolls and still cant see the witch, which kinda (a lot) stings.
If theres event mileage like "use 100 elite scrolls for guaranteed witch riko" or atleast increased chance it'd be make more sense than nothing at all.

I know a lot of users already got her, but i can only sits here from afar while biting hard pumpkin in frustration. I mean, she's even harder than 3* lol.
Anyway i hope this kinda implemented in the future (now or next event i guess)

Thx for reading, kuma~