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    I notice people from my guild/server getting TONS of 4 stars daily, while I only get one every month from the 4 star recruitment request. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how I can recruit more 4 stars and less 1-2 stars?
    • Nazure 2022.02.22 11:28
      trade at shop 298 special coin for a 4* recruitment scroll.

      u get special coin by
      - release hunters original rank 3* at least,
      - rewards from doing guild-blitz
    • -アレス- 2022.02.22 16:45
      Statistically a terribly expensive way to get them tho. Worked out the math, buying green scrolls from FC coin shop gives u ~12.6% nat4 chance per 10k coins spent, which is not terribly difficult to achieve provided u are active in FC. U will still get nat2-3 ofc, but the nat2 can be released for rupees, which can be recycled into brown scrolls (only worth if u have a lot of rupees u dont use tho). Special coins are better used for the 2 trainers, very easy and cheap way to level up / advance hunters.
    • Nazure 2022.02.22 20:34
      1/ OP was looking for new 4* unit. Nobody want to get more duplicate 2* unit.
      - So I advise "trade 298 coins for the surewin 100% 4* scrolls" from Special-coin shop.
      - Unlike you, talk craps & then tell "try luck 12,4% (?) by using the random 2-4*scrolls, from Fight-chips shop".
      - depressed more after getting duplicate 2*? Talk about Fight club shop: Why not just trading chips for 4* traces ?
      Why risk trading chips for scrolls, and then high chance get more duplicate 2* / 3*?

      2/ Nobody here was asking for cheap way to level up / advance hunters here.
      Btw, Im already maxed 5* all my available units. No reason for me to get that the trainers dummy.

      If you want to talk advise anything to OP, make it seperately.
      Dont talk directly to me here. I don't like talking to you.
    • -アレス- 2022.02.22 22:45
      oop ik u hate me but I think u brought up some good points soz
      Definitely, if u need any of the nat4 hunters with traces in ANY shop, be it FC, mirage, or blitz, buy those traces! It’s essentially a guaranteed assurance that you will get that hunter after x time, regardless of luck!
      Also, to clear up any confusion on percentages, I shall explain.
      Green scrolls have a 4% chance to grant a nat4, aka a 96% chance you *don’t* get a nat4. This means after n pulls, the probability you will get a nat4 is 1 - .96^n. For example, I could say for the price to get a hunter in the FC shop from traces, which cost 32000 coins, I could buy/do 64/3 pulls (obviously u cant buy fractions of scrolls, but u will have coins left over), which turns out to give u a roughly 58% chance to get a nat4 via buying green scrolls, although on average it will take 25 scrolls to get a nat4 (4% is 1/25).
      One last note for OP, the best (or really any) way to get nat4 hunters will ALWAYS involve getting a bunch of repeat nat1-2 first! If you don’t need them, just release them! The method I previously described was just the generally agreed upon best single way to gain nat4 hunters in terms of price and general chance, every method will involve some level of luck!
      And nazure, hate to say this, OP ISN’T YOU!!! Just because u have everyone 5* lvl max doesn’t mean everyone does! I’m in the same situation, and I did not get there overnight! But I can mention, buying those trainers from the secret shot was EXTREMELY useful for getting to this point! And bro, he ASKED A QUESTION and ur asking me to make another post to answer it??? Seriously bro, ur not the only person on earth, and neither is OP. I understand they “wants less nat1-2 and more nat4,” but getting exclusively nat4 hunters just isn’t feasible! Therefore, I gave the nearest relevant solution that instead maximizes the number of nat4 u could potentially get, under the assumption that OP probably just wants more nat4! Sacrificing nat4 probability because you don’t like nat1-2 is just absurd, nat1-2 can be sold for rupee anyway and I would rather have more rupees and more nat4 then hold out to obtain a nat4 in the most expensive way possible!
      Anyways, thats just my 2 cents, OP can take from it what they will, but it should answer anyones questions in the matter wholly. And, please, if anyone has any unrelated questions, just send me mail -z-. No need to further this argument in forums.
    • Nazure 2022.02.22 23:54

      back to my original 1st comment reply to OP:

      1/ i was just sharing my thought / answer to OP question.

      2/ Im just let him aware that
      - 298 special coin can trade for a 4* scroll;
      - and special coins can get easy via doing game activity (hunter search duplicate 3*, or join do guild blitz - no matter u win or lose)

      - I just tell that myself max 5* all, i have no reason getting the dummy trainer.


      I just talking about me, since you replied directly to me.

      I never say trading special coin for trainer dummy is wrong. What your problem? why anger here?

      3/ I was never FORCING / PERSUADE anyone to follow my way.
      Just making short-and-simple answer. trying best to not have random quarrel with pple like you on forum.

      But even so, you still appear from no where; reply directly to me.
      Throwing in random things about proability & optimization that I really no care & try telling my way is "terrible expensive"?

      you seek for quarrel?
      I prefer not. Let just stop here.

    • Nazure 2022.02.23 00:07
      about my point that your dense-head seem not understand yet.

      - I did not ask you to make a seperate new forum post, just to answer OP question.

      - here I just mean; if you want to offer / advise to OP, you go make a new comment seperately. Example: like how user Muskrat or Livette did.

      - Im glad that you acknowledged I'M HATING AND DISLIKE YOU, since we've different standards, opinion & attitude towards this game...

      > So, please ignore and don't talk to me on forum.
      > Don't reply directly to me here anymore. (Like how Jng replied to Muskrat just here.)

      The same, I'll try best ignore you.
      That would be better than wasting time doing those mathematics & optimization.

      Like i care? lol.
    • papapou 2022.02.23 11:11
      You seam to care alote with your long reply LMAO
    • Joshiesaurus 2022.02.23 21:53
      Tbf he just added on to what you said since it was relevant to what you said before and gave information that was also useful. You're the one who got salty about it for no real reason, and you wonder why no one likes you
    • Zinerva 2022.02.24 04:39
      When you said doing math was a waste of time, you lost all the credibility on your comments, man.
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.02.23 16:52
      They didn't talk any crap. Just gave another option. So settle down!
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.07.15 11:33
      There are no NEW 4 stars
    • Muskrat 2022.02.22 19:38
      Hacker guild? lol
    • Jng 2022.02.22 20:05
    • Livette 2022.02.22 23:17
      Nah, some of us have stored for months now...OP is a new player in our guild, but I guess you wouldn't know, since you are not even in Jotunheim.
    • Livette 2022.02.22 23:17
      Stocking resources for a very long time is the way to go in this game.
    • Jng 2022.02.22 23:25
      tbh, not playing this game is the way to go in this game...

      we're all losers, myself included x~x
    • -アレス- 2022.02.23 00:05
      yeah bro imagine putting hours a day into a dead game with almost no rewards, what kind of moron does that lol definitely not me
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.02.28 07:30
      Not me either. Or my guild lol
    • Froukie 2022.02.23 12:47
      Manda. Its all about manda. The more manda you pull, the likely you can get a nat 4 star hunter. Also, timing is the key. Pull a hunter when there is an event that rewards you for pulling or spending manda like Audrey and Lotto event so that you get an interest back.
      As Nazure said, there are free nat 4 star hunters but that you can get from traces and daily login from the shop. Though are better and cheaper alternatives that are way better than some nat 4 and these are Captain, Lapis, and Balian for offensive. For defenders, its Gerard and Hecate. For bombers, its Sienna for the meantime.
      For what I recommend in getting nat 4 hunters is Celine, Westfield, Alia, Lotto, and Selene. These are a must have and good investment for the long run. Its just a matter how long will you play this games since its pretty much dead.
    • BirdOfHermes 2022.02.28 07:34
      If you want more 4 stars that means more manda. So I suggest fight club. That's the best way for free manda. I'd work on your offensive team first. When you feel that your comfortable with that team start working on your defense team.

      All the luck to you! Pulling for 4 stars can be painful if you have my luck.

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