All bug solving formula

by BonkersRabbid posted Dec 23, 2017

Hi guys, 


As you al have benn experiencing major lags, bugs, freezes, etc. Basically all the shit happening in the game, then I have the solution for you guys. Yes, there is a solution. Switching server. How? Simple. Click on the red circle with 3 white lignes at the bottom right corner of the screen (the one used to go to manage friends) and then go to settings. There change the language to Korean, the 1st language of the screen and above English. Then just restart the app and voila. No more bugs and you can enjoy playing the game. Have a nice day ppl and hope it helped all of you. 


P.S. I am not the person who found out about it. It was Zdashe who found out and told me about it. Thank him for it and enjoy the game.