Apology letter to Eternally from us

by BonkersRabbid posted Jan 06, 2018

Hi everyone (and mostly Eternally),


Most of you guys don't know the story behind why a player named Eternally was posting about. As I am involved in this situation as well, I shall clear this out for you guys. 


First of all, the chat started with Bruce Bang memes. Eternally said Our beloved Bruce Bang was ugly ( he is my meme idol btw and the King of Fight Club). Now me and DaddyG started saying he was not ugly, and then Eternally finally came out to say that DaddyG is ugly as well. DaddyG took it as a joke and laughed at it. I went out to say the everyone was beautiful except Eternally ( my meaning there was not ugly but normal, critisize me all you want for it but in life, for me, there is no such thing as ugly, as everyone has their own beauty). She took it to the heart and we now have this Forum post Frenzy where she is lashing out her anger ( Mostly at DaddyG and Kronx, but both are Innocent as much as me). She took a joke to another level and now she is lashing it out on others who are trying to explain to her that it is a joke. Kronx calling her names? Kronx a joker like me and the entire Blustone Community knows it. Now that you guys know that all of this was nothing but a simple joke that was taken too seriously, it's time for me to apologize even if I am not in the position to do it for others, but I know Kronx, DaddyG, Plutia ( who has almost nothing to do with this but is still involved in it) for a long time and I can say it for sure, after weeks of experience, that whatever they write has no real intent of hurting someone. It's all for making ppl laugh and change their minds while waiting for ruins. 


I humbly present to you, Eternally, my Deepest apologies for calling you normal. I know you are someone who has a kind heart and that can forgive me and the others for saying stuff you considered to be maybe hurtful. Sorry for being mean, rude and even a bully, but I need to remind you, it was all a joke and please don't take this to heart and hate the game. The game just likes to troll and we like to troll with it. So, Leave your anger behind and comeback to us as the Eternally I once knew that was cheerful, happy and proud to be a part of the Blustone chat and community. I apologize once more on the behalf of Kronx, me, Plutia and DaddyG.


Hope you accept our apology and forgive us. Thank you.