Fight club improvements

by BonkersRabbid posted Jan 06, 2018

Hi everyone, 


As we all know, Fight club has gotten harder these days, then they were once before. Mostly because of defense being too much tanky. I got some ideas for improving the fight club. 


First of all, the timer is one thing that makes some players lose when they can win. So, an improvement can be made there. Why not create over-time? Of course, that puts the defense at a disadvantage, so why not make the rewards lower if you go in over time? Like make the points you earn for winning half then what you should get or maybe reduce the amounts of tokens you get for winning. These are some good ideas.


Another thing that makes me at least lose are the matchmaking. I don't know about you, but i get mixed up with people who are always higher rank most of the time (15-59), while I am only in the rank 90s. Maybe improving this so we can hit players that are same ranks as us or lower ranking than us.


One thing I do admire is the bots being really good. They are extremely well designed and well calibrated to act as a player. Good job on that end.


That's all i can think to improve the Fight Club, if you have suggestion, do comment them and hope you guys enjoy the game the it's maximum capacity. Whishing you all the Best RNG, take care and ROCK ON!!!!