Final Rebound - A New Beginning - [002]

by Fukurama posted Jan 06, 2018


[Ashlynn]...LEON! Put that stupid tape recorder away will you!?
[Leon] It's not stupid. Some of us are actually trying to document all of this, thats what explorers do you know...?
[Leon] Stop it, thats mine! Give it back before you break it Ashy!
[Ashlynn] Not before you actually come down here and look! Its amazing! The light shines even brighter down here than it did from the lake.
And it smells... It smells like grannys cottage!
Ah...Its the exactly the same!
(Leon) She was sort of right. The raw wet cave, combined with the smell of rotten wood was oddly familar...
[Leon]Well, stop playing now Ash... We have to go back, Im sure my mom will be worried  if I don't come back home soon.
...We can explore tomorrow, ok?
[Ashlynn] But Leon, come see whats down here!
[Leon] Ash, please, lets go home. Its getting late...
Her head bends gently, her eyes wide open.
[Ashlynn]...Pleease, only for a couple seconds!
[Leon]Okay fine ill go. How can I say no to that face...
I let out a lighthearted sigh.
Walking down I collect my thought a little.
(Leon) Wierd... Its actually too quiet down here.
This place was supposed to be full of dangerous monsters according to grams stories.
In addition, there should definetly not be anyone living down here...
So, what is that light Ash saw, I dont think monsters know how to make light...?
All of a sudden the ground starts to shake. Stone and ice crashes violently into the ground in front of the cave entrance...
The way out is completely blocked off.