Skill Training Material Drop Rate Drops Ded

by DaddyG posted Jan 14, 2018


Gather round peeps.

Now we know that the new update has made it so that gold mats could be farmed from stage 11 upwards, and that would mean 9 fuel per run instead of the 8 were used to.

But does anyone else feel that the drop rate has plummeted?! There's a period of drought where players (read: michealangelo, fukurama and me) cry and pray for gold mats, but only get bronze and barely any silvers from our dispatches.. Truly disheartening.. TAT

Now we hope that the kind developers would take our pleas into heart, since this is a pretty big nerf to gold mat farm conditions:
A. +1 fuel requirement
B. More time to finish dispatch
C. Drop rate feels lacking, especially with the bronze mats being a significant fraction of our loot even at stage 126-9

With this, we plead the courteous Natara and the dev team to kindly:
A. Restore the gold farming mats to pre-patch conditions
B. Organize Westfield's boxing glove events more frequently
C. BOTH :D (love you, thank you very much)

I understand that the dev team has their own reasons and rationale when deciding to go ahead with the patch changes, but I ask that they consider the players feedback too (read: hopes and dreams).

With that, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to read this lengthy post of mine, and as always ideas and suggestions are always welcome.