Thank you to the Developers

by DaddyG posted Jan 22, 2018


Gather round peeps. Now I've complained lots in the past, be it in chat or in the forums. But I feel that the developer has listened and implemented some improvements for us. The ones that I noticed are as follows:

1. Westfield event revived - would be nice if this happens regularly
2. The list of censored words have been shaved - chat no longer suffocated by black hearts
3. Changing the reward for top 60 rankers in FC to Diana - doesn't affect me because I'm low rank, but I'm sure many of our high ranking friends are pleased with this change
4. Red and Unique ruins are more easily found now

Those are the ones I could think off the top of my head for now, and I feel that it's only fair that the developer team gets my appreciation and gratitude for listening to our feedbacks and complaints, and improving the gameplay experience for us the players.

Thank you to the Developers! I look forward to more improvements, and I have high hopes that Blustone would be a game we would continue to love well into the future.