Possible solution to reduce crash occurrence?

by DaddyG posted Jan 23, 2018


Gather round peeps. Now we all know how frustrating it is to crash in the middle of a ruin / fight club round. I believe this has to do with the number of textures spiking during certain instances in the fight, overloading our device and thus causing the crash (my dumb, uneducated guess)

So I tried to do those fights differently and I have not encountered a crash since then (about 2 days back)
1. Don't tap screen while dragging / you're about to drag a hunter to be swapped with current front liner
2. Don't tap while you're about to use a skill

Basically try not to tap too much because everytime you tap the screen you will produce some visual effects, and if coincided with the hunter switching animation / skill trigger, it might crash the device. Again this is my uneducated hypothesis, but so far the result has been less crashes, at least for me.

I'd be glad if you guys can help me test it out and see if it helps reduce your crashes. Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!