Fighting mechanics quality of life improvements

by DaddyG posted Jan 28, 2018


Gather round peeps. Now with the implementation of auto battle in arena, my lazy self has gotten dependent on that function for a lot of the battles. Now I understand some of you use the auto-tap function and scoff at my noob-ness, but I believe there are a number of QoL improvements that we all could benefit from.
The ones that I think are most needed are:

1. Skill queue: when the amount of skill points get to 3 or 4, the AI sometimes uses the skills of a tank / others which may not be the best choice in that scenario. Players should be able to queue a skill (by tapping the skill button ahead of time) which will prioritize the said skill over the AI's control so that when the amount of skill points are sufficient, that queued skill gets executed right away.

2. Hunter switching feels very clunky. There should be a 1-tap button below each hunter to initiate instant switching (or maybe tap the hunter itself) , instead of dragging them to the hatch each and every time (more often than not, while our eyes are focused on the upper half of the screen).

3. Need better visibility. As Okabe mentioned, more often than not, the dmg numbers just clutter the screen. We should be able to clearly see the hunter and enemy's health as well as the current buff/debuffs in effect. Maybe also make the dmg numbers less in-your-face?

That said, I think the AI still does an amazing job at keeping my team alive, in fact better than my slow self. It's just that SOMETIMES they execute skills that do not fit the situation at hand.

I hope that the developers take my suggestion into consideration, and that the community could also voice their thoughts and suggestions. Happy hunting peeps, and have a good weekend!