Team Help?

by FatherVinh posted Feb 03, 2018
Hey guys I'm fairly new and I wanted to know what hunters I should focus on? Also I 3 starred my Wonderland Tyltyl is that viable? I heard from vet players that a full team of healers is God Tier cuz they'll never die if done correctly.


In all seriousness, if you got natural 3* hunters, focus on them. If you have multiple natural 3*s, build a base team of healer, attacker, defense, and bomber.

Same thing if you only have natural 2*s or 1*s. Build a team with each type of hunter so you can advance through pve.

If you have a question, check the 'Tips' section of forums before you post anything please! A lot of veteran players have made very comprehensive, in-depth bibles on basic and advanced strategies for the game. Enheim even quit his full-time job just to make one for you guys.

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