First all rounder team.

by MessoR178 posted Feb 04, 2018


Hi there!
I'm somewhat of a new player here. Played only for 7 days, but managed to pick some decent hunters.
But I have a problem. Most of the best hunters are fire based. And futher I go more I feel a need to swap hunters in the rooster.
I understand that you can't level up all of the hunters at once, so I need to pick some to take priority.
So. I need advice on whom to level up first. Both individually(first to be 4 stars) and team wise. I have an idea for the all rounder party with tank healer bomber and dd with different elements. Or 3 tanks and a healer or whatever else.
Here's a screenshot of the all gold hunters I have. Please give me advice on whom to upgrade. And what team composition makes sense.
Thanks in advance. Cheers!