Which is better attacker or tanker?which is the best strategy for my team?

by Rothaga posted Feb 07, 2018
Hello im really new here and i have a little bit of problem on this game especially on arena cuz i lost my game almost frequently and i think i am lacking of gathering skill gauge
when i started to reseach ppl seems to have faster kill and skill speed when they use an attacker unit my question is:
Is it really true that the attacker unit does recharge the skill gauge faster?
If its yes then should i still use tanker unit?
If its no then what is the main purpose of the attacker? Is it better than bomber?
Another problem is what's the best strategy for my team(especialy on pvp)? I have lantern nene and akasha is akasha good at pvp? Are there a better healer than her? Should i use healer on pvp?

Thank u for reading and i'd like to hear ur opinion and strategy
PS: sorry if i have a bad grammar / vocab im not used to write or speak english thank u