Daily Mission Rewards Need Scaling

by DaddyG posted Feb 08, 2018


Gather round peeps. Back when I just started, I saw the daily mission as tasks that have to absolutely be completed. Never really thought about the rewards that much, since it gives out vet points, rupee tix and recently manda upon completing 7 of them. But as I was handing in the quests this morning, I took a good look at the rewards:

1. Do 15 adventure runs: 30 fuel
2. Collect activity fuel supply twice: 30 fuel
3. Collect daily check-in reward: 1,000 rupee
4. Purchase from the gold shop once: 1,000 rupee
5. Train hunter skills 3 times: 10 metron fragments
6. Recruit 2 hunters: 1 trace scroll
7. Do 3 FC battles: 2 purple roids
8. Collect special fuel supply: 30 fuel

Now does anyone else feel that some of the rewards are too much? The fuel rewards are okay, but the 10 metron frags, the single trace scroll, and the whopping 2,000 gold rewards?! Devs you're being too generous, please cut these rewards by half.

On a serious note, the rewards may be significant for new players, but for the older players they're peanuts. I'd suggest that we make the rewards scale with the amount of stages done because ever since the change of rewards for adventure stage stars collection, there is hardly any incentive for advancing in adventure stages.

But that's just my two cents. I hope the the devs could take this into consideration, and as always I hope the community also chime in with their opinions and ideas. Have a great week everyone, and happy hunting!