Manda Mathematical Methods (SACE Edition)

by ArkenDragon posted Feb 10, 2018

And SACE stands for Slightly A Crazy Explanation.


In response to the "limited time offer" 700 fuel for 58 manda (Original - 90 manda) for an effective discount of 35%.




Just my honest observations, sry if it offends anyone (idk how but still) also just exit if ur too lazy to read. totally none of my personal comments.

absolutely none. <- blatant lie


Let us consider the following sources of fuel,

Source 1 - from the main menu, 60 fuel for 5 manda

Source 2 - magical manda shop, 480 fuel for 60 manda

Source 3 - Limited time offer, 700 fuel for 58 manda (Not like you can buy the 90 manda version anywhere)


Effective fuel per manda value

Source 1 - 60/5 = 12 fuel per manda (f/m please)

Source 2 - 480/60 = 8 f/m

Source 3 - 700/58 = 12.07 f/m


So by their values, source 3 tops them all, right? Now before you go pouring petroleum all over Midgard's ice plains and destroying entire ecosystems by hunting aboveground whales with 30k hp, let's dive in deeper into the factors affecting these values. Also genderswapped Hermes is cute~

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Starting now, we shall leave Source 2 out of our calculations and reasoning (Because its f/m value is an affront to the gods of RNG)


Let us consider the following factors

- Fuel replenishment over time

- Availability

- Amount of Manda Spent


Fuel Replenishment

It stands to reason that the more fuel you have, the less you will be able to take advantage of the fuel replenishment over time. Considering the 60 fuel threshold, the more fuel you receive at a time, the less its effective f/m value increases. (You'll see why soon)

Also is it just me or would Levi be a cuter Bayonetta but without spectacles.


For newbies, when your fuel goes below 60, the fuel replenishment over time kicks in, at the VERY slow rate of 1 fuel per 6 minutes. With this, note that the further away you are from the 60 fuel limit (or fuel threshold), the more difficult it is to approach it and make use of the fuel replenishment over time, especially if you're taking about a huge lump sum of fuel. AKA its hard to get to below 60 fuel from 700 fuel, amirite? Also Santa Girl Levi, its not called staring, its called appreciating~ (TQ Roy-Master/로이마스터 for the cutest Levi outfits - Link -


Time for application.

If fuel used per round = 8 fuel,

max dispatch = 30,

average time for dispatch = 5 minutes,


Let us see how much time is required to achieve going below the 60 fuel threshold.


Source 1 Time Req.

Fuel = 60 + whatever you had before

Straight after a single dispatch, you will be able to use the fuel replenishment over time.


Source 3 Time Req.

Fuel = 700

Broken down into bits = 240 + 240 + 220 (Or 168 if you just wanna get below 60 slightly)

Dispatch time = 2.5 hrs + 2.5 hrs + 2.25hrs (Or 1.75 hrs)

Total Dispatch Time = 7.25 hrs (Or 6.75hrs)


Keep in mind that fuel replenishes at the rate of 1 fuel = 6 min, AKA 10 fuel = 1 hour.


Now let's say...the maximum time you have is 7.25 hrs(Or 6.75 hrs)


Source 1 Total Fuel Obtained

Fuel Bought with Manda - 60 fuel

Fuel Replenished - 60/70 fuel

Total Fuel - 60 + 70 = 110 fuel


Source 2 Total Fuel Obtained

Fuel Bought with Manda - 700 fuel

Fuel Replenished - As much as the amount of gold medals you'll receive in the Blustone Skating event *cries* (AKA its zero)

Total Fuel - Just Monika 700 fuel


Thus, Effective f/m Value in 7.25hrs (Or 6.25hrs)

Source 1 - 110/5 = 22 f/m

Source 2 - 700/58 = 12.07 f/m (No change)


Now, I refer back to a line in the passage - "Considering the 60 fuel threshold, the more fuel you receive at a time, the less its effective f/m value increases", AKA you receive 60 fuel only, its f/m increases, you receive 700, its f/m value remains the same. BTW if you're impatient go for the 700 anways. Also Natalia is best wolfgirl ~♡


TLDR - read the line above baka ~ d...dun stare too long (/º/~/º/)



Limited Time offers come only once in a blue moon, whereas the 60 fuel per 5 manda can be accessed at anytime. Naturally, you won't have the liberty of choosing when you'd like the limited time offer to be held, so you will have to judge and decide on whether you'll need to fuel or not in the blink of an eye. I believe this causes many players, especially new ones, to make manda purchases and drive them towards an increasesd manda consumption. Also Levi is like Nagato from Kantai Collection, isn't she?


Manda Spent

This one is particularly tricky. Doing simple maths, one would say that -


Source 1 - For 720 fuel = 60 manda


Source 2 - For 700 fuel = 58 manda


but whether or not you'd actually need 700+ fuel is debatable.


Think of it this way - fuel is a consumable. As is with all basic & essential consumables to the game, having more is always good. But so what if you have too much? It remains dormant and to be used. Theoretically speaking, Source 1 is good because it allows you control over the Fuel Replenishment over Time, but Source 3 is good because you'd need not consider your fuel in the short-term future. Also Patrone has a nice French Braid, but Levi has a really nice foxtail ~


It is like a sale - 3 shirts for $100, each shirt costs $40, but you only need to buy one from there. Getting only one shirt means you pay $40, and reserve the other $60. Getting 3 shirts means spending all $100 to reduce the price of the shirts to $33, but having less $ in reserve. And believe me, Blustone is a game where having major reserves pay off. Also what are they gonna do with the bottommost building that contained the manda store before? Make it the equipment store? (*0*) *smiles at the thought of dating going shopping with Natalia, Levi & Yuri*


That's...about it. I guess. Just remember to conserve when you feel its not so necessary, and actually use your reserves when you really desire something (otherwise all that hoarding means nothing). Also the lottery mouse doesn't have to swim in freezing waters when you pull a 2* or 3*, he could just as easily walk on the ice.


Headpats and hugs, n00ts & lewds galore, this is AkD, presenting his humblest observations. and the truth.


PS. Hi Natara, I know ur reading this to regulate it. Hope you and the other mods have a good day (^^)/

PPS. yes, for those readers who have noticed, AKA is from AKAsha.