"Who To 5 Star Next?" Supplementary Info

by FatherVinh posted Mar 07, 2018


Here is my take on hunter priorities based on the current meta in the top 100 ranked players.

Focus on 5 starring hunters over transcending them. A 5* hermes with no transcendence is stronger than a 4* hermes with full transcendence.

Focus on a good mix of hunters from the highest tier shown that you have access to. There is no "dream team." You will always be changing your team according to the enemy's defense and element.

The meta for offense is a strong attacker such as Hermes and multiple bombers. Possibly a healer or tank if you need it.

The meta for defense is 1-3 tanks and 1-3 healers OR the meta for offense (Hermes + 4 bombers etc)

Please spread this post to as many people with questions as you can so we can de-saturate the forums with people asking who to 5 star next or what is the best team. Thanks!