by BloodBornWolf posted Mar 24, 2018

Dear Any Blustone Player,


    If you are reading this, you must be aware of the drama between Bluestone Weirdos and PugNation. It is no rumor. It is a reality. Anyways, I am writing to say sorry for my behavior, but It does not mean I agree with Kuschi's decision. I still think it's wrong to kick someone for them being depressed or asking for their help.

    Don't start any riot in this rely section either. If you disagree, you disagree. If you hate me, you hate me. I really don't care. I am a wolf of my word. I don't take back anything I say. I don't joke around. I'm serious.

    This also doesn't mean I'm ending the war (or slaughter, whatever you want to call it). I don't back down from what I think is wrong. "Never Bend Your Head, Hold It High And Look The World Straight In The Eye." ~Helen Keller. I don't back down, and don't expect me to. I can go on for years and would give the slightest shit.

     And don't take my word for it. Go for any side. Kuschi's side for all I care. I would be disappointed if you agreed with these measures that were taken, but not all of the world will be on your side. "Not everyone is against you and not everyone is on your side." ~A.

    And don't act like you know me either. Nobody does. I use different attitudes toward different people. To be honest, I don't have an emotion I express to everyone. I fake it. I'm empty. I have no main emotion and I have no reason to not. It's just natural for me.

    I thank everyone who has been there for me and I thank all of you that haven't (you may think it makes no sense, but for those people that do, yea). And thank you for taking your time for reading my forums. Thank you for complaining. Thank you for agreeing. Thank you for loving. Thank you for hating. I hope you all find your light one day, cause I have.