**UPDATED = Fail** So this rainbow scroll glitch ...

by Kaly-Senpai posted Apr 21, 2018
*This is a continuation of my first post approximately 6 days ago*

I am a day away from hitting the 7th day reward. Once this happens, if i can seem to accept the 7th day rewards and so forth while the rainbow scroll is available, I will confirm this glitch can help you hold your rainbow scroll...

But i am in a paradox and debating on another situation..

If the game seems to reset my progress after accepting my rainbow scroll (which i will plan to use it regardless if I can or can not accept the 7th day reward), then I would think this glitch would be rather worthless as you could waste time from getting your next rainbow scroll..

Again, this is science.. if the glitch seems to be true, I can repost on how I got this glitch to be (or how I think I got it)..

(Side note: Yes I see how it says I am on day 28 and that the other rewards were "received".. but I am possibly thinking it's just a visual glitch as i am still accepting my dailies like normal)
Thanks for reading!
~Love, your senpai ❤❤


*Update: the game will not let you pass through day 7th reward even after redeeming the daily metron.. it also seemed to refresh my rewards so I have wasted a week of progress. That's okae tho bc I practically have everything i need and loads of dups :)... mission aborted*