A fake Natara?

by Mistleteinn posted Jul 03, 2018


As we were happily chatting on Ch1 (Pls stop the hate) a guy named admin_Natara showed up... We were quite surprised for a second that the Natara decides to stumble by ch1 but upon close inspection its fake

The guy himself admitted he is fake... So he admitted it then why are you here? Well we asked him to change his name cuz its misleading and may provide confusion to newer players but it seems he wont budge

Well i checked the game rules and it says that any kind of GM impersonation is punishable offence and seeing the guy comment on other forum posts like "I will delete this account" and what not is impersonation to me...

To the guy who is impersonating Natara please change your name...

sry for the long post