Everyone,why so mean to DuskMane?

by Umbreon21 posted Jul 04, 2018
I know you know who he is,he is just someone who spams K can. I also feel annoyed when I heard that. But I talked to him about it already in real life. Guys,lemme explain.

You see here,DuskMane is a spammer of K can. But after talking to him in real life,he understands me. The first time I saw him spam K can,I thought he was just trolling. But I didn’t know he was actually spamming. I felt annoyed for once,so I told him to stop,but he didn’t listen. After that I decided to block him,but he didn’t listen. Only until I wanted to report him,he stopped. He told me not to report him because he doesn’t want to be banned. I wanted to take picture and send to VisualShower,but he told me he would really stop. I believed him. But I decided to meet with him in real life to talk about it. He came. So what we talked about is about him spamming K can. I told him what would happen if he continues. At first he just didn’t care. But until I told him that he will have no friends if he doesn’t stop,including me,he actually agreed with me. So now he won’t spam K can anymore. He wanted to say sorry to all of you,but I don’t think you people would forgive him. You people should also apologise to him as all of you made him into this. I hope this settles it. Hopefully you don’t say anything bad about him anymore.

But for some weird reason,he will no longer be chatting anymore. I tried confessing him but it is no use. Unless all of you forgive him,he may come back and chat. I know you may not want to forgive him but please,just forgive him. Because he is human,and humans make mistakes. I know Logan Paul can’t be forgiven because he made a very serious mistake,but DuskMane still can be forgiven. Just pls forgive him and he would really stop.

Thank you.