<suggestion> Uplifting 1 & 2 stars

by Stargazer_ posted Jul 11, 2018
I love that you guys put so much effort into even the lowly 1 and 2 star hunters giving them their own scenes and stories with the natural 3 stars.

That effort seems so wasted to never see them get any action since a natural 3 star always will beat them out in stats. My suggestion is why not creat some sort of special transcend system material that would bring a natural 1 or 2 star up to par with a 3.

Off the top of my head I would say be forced to bring a 1 or 2 star all the way to 5, then have to use some special limit break material that would warrant the power of a natural 3 star.

Another option would be let them grow naturally but to limit break their stats maybe be forced to fuse specific natural 3 stars from their stories.