Hello everyone ^u^

by Michealangelo posted Jul 12, 2018
Heya everyone!
Uhh this is a bit awkward, I don't know how to start lol
Well, I've gotten extremely attached to this game over the past months, and it was mostly because of its community. I've meet amazing people here and for that I'm incredibly grateful! Of course, like everywhere else, this game has its toxic waste, but overall I found bs to be a pretty chill and rare place to find... I had a lot of fun here, so as corny and cliche as it sounds, this game I'll always have a place on my heart. And before I get all sappy, I'm just going to do what I came to do: which is say bye and thank everyone. I'm quitting the game, so goodbye, my friends! You guys are awesome, thank you for the memories •3•

I was honest, so I hope you didn't cringe much while you read my text : ) anyways, anyways, I wish the best life has to offer to everyone here. Hope to see you guys again someday.
(Also sorry for the dramatic post, I think?)

Mich ^u^
(also yes, for those who have been asking me for ages: I am indeed a girl •w•).

///on a side note I'm super sad that I won't finish my dream that is t3 Harley ;w; hope someone will take over and do it///


(I also think I should apologise to all of you who sent me a vet ticket. Sorry for making you guys do a bad investment ;u;)