"Any reason why would you pick Dawdly?"...

by Hytherious posted Jul 29, 2018
This is absurd.

A new guy, who arrived from nowhere. Gets all the love and gratitude from the Midgardians. In no time.


There's a guy called Dawdly. Who gives every drop of sweat he has on his body. Just to re-fuel you, every day, of the year.


Because clearly, he's just a stupid Mole who only wants your attention.

Instead, we have Eastfield. A nice guy, who likes to be your 1# bankrupt source. Like, he wants you to pay 5k rupees and if you're unlucky the money disappears without a trace!! Like magic. And yeah. He wants you to get some materials like a dog for days, and yeah. He is still the coolest guy, sweethearted piece of human. WHO CAN NOT LIKE THAT GUY!! HAHAH.

I'm disappointed. Uncle Hytherino is sad.

Dawdly, more like Dadwly. You, who were here with us from the first steps of our long journey as captains. Saving our day when we needed that fuel to level up and get what we wanted. You will not be forgotten by me.

A minute of silence for you. Because you're worth of all my tears.
All you gived us was love, you sacrificed since every morning till every evening. But all we gave you,

Is oblivion.

- Hyth.