(Fanart) 1 + 1 = ?

by Enllyn posted Aug 02, 2018


I thought it would be fun to put two characters together and make one haha... So they're like children, I guess? Design-wise.

Left: Robin + Sienna, electric attacker - Uses a normal enough weapon but tries to make up for it with flashier attacks. What's the middle between practicality and overkill?

Right: Riko + Teddy, fire attacker - It looks like the nunchucks only work as a short-range weapon, but there have been rumours that they can spew flames from a distance.


Left: Edward + Therapy, electric healer - Specialises more in repairing equipment than the hunters themselves. Really, that's not his problem.

Right: Lantern + Nene, ice healer - Likes to sew, a lot of people had high expectations of him but he tends to be more of a behind-the-scenes kind of guy.


Bright + Papillon, fire tank - No one knows their gender, not even me. Rather serious but very eager to help others.

I cannot match the real level of detail on the characters, forgive me XD