A break from all the bs

by DreamerofTime posted Aug 14, 2018


I am a Blustone artist,wanting to stay postive about the game and it's characters. I am taking commions openly,only happy commissions. Characters teasing each other,having fun in the sun,drinking hot chocolate, things like that. Also remember that I am only one person,and my skill and time are limited. I do have a life,unlike the stereotypical artist. I want to brighten up forums with color and cheer :) There is happy art on my Patreon:patreon.com/codemysticartist . I want to make people smile with my art.
(I know it's cheesy,but I'm frankly tired of players posting their problems with the
game in forums. the support tab exists for a reason,captains.)

There is a happy doggo to cheer up sad ppl ;)