New Game Mode Suggestions

by -BlodValda- posted Aug 25, 2018
Raid Boss Mode
Every week VS introduces a raid boss. Everyone competes and players receive rewards based on how much total damage they can dish out. It can be rewards based on total damage or a damage threshold. For example, if you do over 50,000 damage you get a bronze medal. 100,000 gives you silver, etc. You can even add a team element. Teams of 3, team who does most damage as compared to everyone playing alone.

Time Attack Mode
Every week a fixed team is introduced by VS and players need to beat that team as fast they can. Everyone only gets 3 tries or something. The best time in 3 tries is taken.

Layman’s Arena
VS provides a list of hunters every week that players can pick from and build their own teams. All competitors will have access to the same list of hunters with the same stats and they compete to make the best builds when fighting conditions are the same.

Just making suggestions because gameplay getting stale.