by PTS-Vincent posted Aug 30, 2018
VincentClone (Seasonal Player)


My name is Vincent. I've been trapped in an endless loop for multiple centuries. A witch by the name of Octavia cursed me with immortality. Whenever I'm on the brink of death, time rewinds; but I continue to age. Little by little, I lose memories that are replaced with new ones. I imagined that I would never die until I realized that I hadn't been time traveling. I was being sent to different timelines.
In my world, I had been battling an evil black figure for years, but as the battle came to a nearing end, as I was about to die, I closed my eyes and reopened them to see snow. Standing in front of me was a younger me. Then I remembered the way to remove my curse. I needed to die by the blade that was given to me by Karl Steiner. It had the power to penetrate immunity. I could only activate its power when defending myself so suicide wasn't an option. But after realizing there was another with the same blade and abilities, I knew what I had to do. I collided with my former self, hoping to receive a deadly blow. But to my surprise, he was too weak. I held back, sparing my weaker self. But my previous teammates had arrived to face off against me. Instead of killing the duo of Lantern and Nene, I fled as a blizzard appeared.