Team building and Selector Questions

by KupoNoodles posted Aug 31, 2018

Hello I just started a week ago. Read quite a few guides but still had a few questions about the game!


1 Progression

What would be my progression? Most people recommend 5* my Hermes first. How important is Trans my Hermes?

2 [3*] Selector

I will have 3* Selector [x2] and 3-4* Scrolls [x2]. Who should I pick? I plan on getting Diana & Patrone, instead of Trans my Hermes or get Akasha. Seems like Healer are only used in PVP Defense Wall, and the PVP Offense/Cruise/Abyss favors 1 Attacker + Bombers.

3 Advance to 5*

Is the best way to advance Dispatch Stage 40 and use Hunter's as fodder (except natural 3* and Bruce Bang, Denali, Yuri, Metis) so to get to 5* I would need FOUR 4*? =/ Seem's like that will take a VERY long time :(

I am following this guide on which Hunter to keep:

4 Calibur

Is she used for anything? Seems like Athena is a MUCH stronger wall in PVP combined with Delina (+Block)


Thanks so much for your help!