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Team building and Selector Questions   [4]

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    Hello I just started a week ago. Read quite a few guides but still had a few questions about the game!

    Team: https://imgur.com/a/OB8s9D1

    1 Progression

    What would be my progression? Most people recommend 5* my Hermes first. How important is Trans my Hermes?

    2 [3*] Selector

    I will have 3* Selector [x2] and 3-4* Scrolls [x2]. Who should I pick? I plan on getting Diana & Patrone, instead of Trans my Hermes or get Akasha. Seems like Healer are only used in PVP Defense Wall, and the PVP Offense/Cruise/Abyss favors 1 Attacker + Bombers.

    3 Advance to 5*

    Is the best way to advance Dispatch Stage 40 and use Hunter's as fodder (except natural 3* and Bruce Bang, Denali, Yuri, Metis) so to get to 5* I would need FOUR 4*? =/ Seem's like that will take a VERY long time :(

    I am following this guide on which Hunter to keep: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O_xdOZqplSVw2XczV2nEl2_wvEZaOc_Mm9RFIY2qaXc/edit

    4 Calibur

    Is she used for anything? Seems like Athena is a MUCH stronger wall in PVP combined with Delina (+Block)


    Thanks so much for your help!

    • Smino 2018.08.31 09:27
      Transcending Hermes will boost your strength/damage so does other characters your transcend. The problem when transcend are the cost and needed materials for one to transcend
      •T1 - 9 Metron Crystals, 90 Metron Fragments, 9000 Rupees, 1 Duplicate
      •T2 - 30 MC, 300 MF, 30000 Rupees, 2 Duplicate
      • T3 - 80 MC, 800 MF, 80000Rupees, 3 Duplicate
      It upgrades the character and note that this is the cost for nat 3*, it is much cheaper for nat 1* & 2* but still needs the same duplicates and must be evolved to 3* first

      If you don't choose to transcend Hermes, you must at least have a strong attacker from each eleemnt
      •Fire - You already have Hermes so your already good
      *Water - Yuri l, Beckhen (if you do a lot of PVP, he's like Yuri on crack) then Octavia & Natalia
      •Thunder - Bibi is hands down the best unless you have the new 4*
      If you already have those, I then suggest to focus on transcending them, as for healers, Akasha is great a choice especially her immunity skill and also for solo healing I use Joy which is also good, I haven't use the others so can't say much
      As for PVP the general meta is an Attacker and Bomber combo, healers aren't use as much in PVP as iyour better off with another bomber

      To get to 5* you need 16 3* / 48 2*, my general fuel/exp route is this
      •1* > Dispatches of 19 @ Area 40
      •2* > Dispatches of 30 @ Area 61-64
      •3* and on ward > Dispatches # @ Area 100+
      Getting to 5* is hard as its meant to be but as you progress through the game, getting these fodders are easy. Do daily ruins which gives enough for 2* fodders and sometimes elite request that gives 1*-3*. Another tip would be using 3* who you don't need (not recommended) and use them in the jewel shop. One nat 3* gives 8 jewels enough for 2 3* (only can be use to evolve a character)

      I actually have Calibur but not Athena. From what I can say, Calibur acts as attacker in some aspects. Her 4th skill has a chance of doubling damage which can act as a bomber per say. I can't say much about Athena as I don't have him. Also Calibur can't be stunned which is useful against Octavia I guess or any stun attacks
    • KupoNoodles 2018.08.31 12:21

      Thank you so much!! for the really detailed response!

      1: I have 3* Selector [x2]. I already have Hermes and Bibi, so it would be better to T1 Hermes or pick up Octaiva? or get more bomber like Diana/Patrone?

      2: My eventual team goal would be:
      Cruise/Abyss/PVE: Hermes, Dianna+Patrone, Healer or Bomber
      PVP Offense: Beckhen + Diana+Patrone + Hermes/Bruce Bang or Bibi/Akasha
      PVP Defense: Kain, Athena, Akasha, Denali, Bruce Bang

      3: I actually didn't know about the Daily 2* Fodder, that should speed up the process Thanks!

      Thanks so much again for your help!

    • Smino 2018.08.31 14:43
      1. I suggest to T1 Hermes then if you don't have a strong ice attacker, then I suggest get Octavia is and later focus on getting bombers.

      2. Your team's looks good. As for PVP, the meta always changes to what's the best team setup, but from it seems alot of people are using Beckhen. Sometimes check top rankings to see what's other's setup are

      3. It's useful and it also gives jewels which you can sell 1*/2* for some rupees and the 2* traces can drop from 1-40. Then the elite request can sometimes drop none, 1 or 3 scrolls. I suggest to do the hard difficulty as it's most effecient and even for me I still have roubles with expert difficult
    • KupoNoodles 2018.08.31 14:51
      Oke Thanks so much again!

      1. Thanks! Yeah T2 seems to use way too much resources atm =/ T1 seems doable. I just was not sure if T1 is better than another Natural 3* Hunter Coverage.

      2. Hmm that's a great point, I will focus on my PVE team more!

      3. Yeah I been doing Hard :D there's some really nice helpers haha

      Thanks so much again!

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