How to get scrolls

by 10_YrsLambo posted Sep 02, 2018
So I havent played in a couple of months, I am just wondering if there is a way for me to get consitant scrolls, I mean when I played I would get consistant scrolls from the missing hunter thing, but now with this "wonderful" jewel addition I litterally dont get scrolls, I know you can buy them fom the mirage shop and the fc shop but that is not consistant and usually takes me days to earn enough just to buy one... honestly it just annoyes me, I mean we have an event going on right now that rewards you for usuing scrolls but I just unlocked the first teir today, I probably wont get past the second teir and that is just so annoying before I would propably of gotten to the fourth teir, so I am wondering if there Ais something I dont know and there is a way to consistanlty get scrolls.