(Idea) Merging Jewels

by Smino posted Sep 04, 2018




Don't you think it would nice to have the ability to merge jewels to get jewel a grade higher level, like for most games there's an upgrade system in which we could follow the way we upgrade characters to 5*. Especially from doing ruins, these jewels slowly stack over time. For example:
•We could have 2 1* Jewels to upgrade or have a 80% to get a 2* jewel and if it fails you lose the one you use to upgrade the 1* jewels
* Similar to the first one, we need 3 2* jewels and probably a 60-70% and if it fails you lose the 2 jewels you used
Then so on with a lower chance for 3*/4* jewels so it would be balanced and would at least cost some rupees. We could just the similar format to when upgrading characters and slightly modify it to fit the jewels