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Nishino's City Discord V   [16]

Seo-Hyun    Lv.  18
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    For bumping purposes...


    After taking some points from my past invitation topics, modifying others and polishing everything as possible... This Server has been officially allowed to use accord to the in-game moderators!





    Hello everyone, Seo-Hyun here!


    The reasons of why joining is a good idea:

    - PRETTY consistent ruin location system for all your needs. 24/7 [ WE HAVE CURRENTLY TRACKED 10,000+ FRIENDLY RUINS EVER SINCE THE FIRST GULLVEIG'S RUINS EVENT ;) ]

    - Really healthy worldwide growing family (200+ members, 20+ online at any moment), will make you feel appreciated from the moment you join :)

    - Good place to chill into if the Servers are on a maintenance/unstable state. There is also loads of commands to play around with!

    - We will be willing to teach you how to spend your resources and money wisely.

    - Very experienced people that have participated in the top 1-50 Fight Club ranks to ask advice for, no matter if you are a beginner, or a veteran!

    - Server members are quite learner friendly. The role system is set to properly advice people on their game progress.

    - Experienced administrators that do their best to contribute to the stability of the game, and that are open to feedback.

    - If you are looking for somewhere to belong (pun intended), this might be your ideal one.



    - Currently has the largest, kindest, and most active (quality based) community in-game. Has managed to unite members from the four main language servers.

    - Has people that have taken every single Top Fight Club Rank at least once (From 1 to 10, at least once)

    - Best guides available, quality content, updated with latest META

    - Most approved, experienced and knowledgeable leadership in the game

    - First group of people to have reached floors 200 (first batch) and 250 (second batch) in Mirage Ruins

    - Counts with the largest range of T3 Hunters offers for all your excavations needs. From Dino, to Crocus, to Vincent

    Feel free to tag along!
    We're a pretty likeable bunch. Quality assured. ;)
    Current owner: Seo-Hyun (Actual rank 15 from last arena season in the game at the moment of posting, ex rank 1 for at least 12 times in the past)

    No downloads are needed, you can simply use the online client version for it and make an account to join.
    Please abide by the server rules and everything will be just cool!

    * The role assignation will take up to 10 minutes depending on the Administrator available. (Might be delayed during sleep times). If you need permissions, message @Seo-Hyun ( Seo-Hyun#0745 ), Ghibli ( Ghibli#1429 ), or any of the Administrators / High Council / Council(s).
    Thanks for visiting us!




    "More than a group, a Blustone family."



    • Maeko暁 2018.09.05 02:55
      Great place to have fun as well as talk about general blustone topics. Ruins are always being recorded for anyone need them so defiantly a great place for that aspect. Known the Owner for quite awhile but can be very helpful so always ask for any help.
      ( I also have my crocus as leader if anyone would want to use for ruins/mirage/abyss/stages. Don't forget to give likes out to people who help you out too!)
    • turtledaddykim 2018.09.05 02:59
      if you join the server our server artist, noah will draw a portrait of you :^)
    • Derex18 2018.09.05 03:10
      Great place for talking any topic, and not only blustone. The leader is very nice and helpful. And the integrants are nice too. So please, come and join, you will have too much fun.
    • 갓유리 2018.09.05 11:26
      wahaha i'm here toooooo :D!!!!!!
    • Mistleteinn 2018.09.05 22:01
      Do you have raisin cookies? ill join the discord depending on the answer
    • -BlodValda- 2018.09.06 10:24
      If you guys do get booted, feel free to join PugNation :p

      Discord: https://discord.gg/gkmZyAG
    • Maeko暁 2018.09.06 10:55
      Shameless promotion.
      Do you even have a sense of pride? Can't believe you would post a (almost) dead sever in comments of a sever trying to grow with new people. Disgusting and you should feel bad for it, a least make a new topic so you can explain what's diffrent or WHY you should go there insread. You sicken me! Learn some manners, Sir.
    • Taebin 2018.09.06 11:14

      ...Nice advertisement -BlodValda- very nice...why don't you post that somewhere else?...I'm pretty sure every advertisement that the pugs make in this forum page aren't being trashed by those in this discord server...what gives you the right to insult this one?...

    • -BlodValda- 2018.09.06 12:34
      All it took was one harmless comment to make you guys show your true colours. Good job showing the community how toxic you guys truly are XD. Guess you guys aren’t as chill as you guys claim to be, just balls of hate.

      Why don’t you break down the comment I made and tell me how I fired any insults? Lol

      Mine isn’t even a recruitment effort. Whose going to be recruited by my one line? XD
    • LonLon 2018.09.06 14:09
      Well Blod, it wasn't the content of the comment that was wrong. It was the comment itself coming from you, a known Nishi and Nishi city hater, that angered some of the peeps. And the fact that it should be common sense that it's rude to try to recruit people to another server in a recruitment post. If you wanted to properly retaliate against this post you should have made your own topic trying to recruit for your server.
    • Taebin 2018.09.06 14:10

      ..."If you get booted"...we haven't dealt with that kind of problem for months now...and it's probably not going to happen again...You are rather the first pugnation member that I've met that hates someone in this game so much...This game is made to have fun...can't it end like that? Not in hatred and anger?...These kinds of arguments/roasting is rather childish and I'd like it to stop...the question is...do you?...We haven't bothered or insulted you until you made the first move...I agree that everybody isn't perfect and that people makes mistakes...but please...nobody in this game wants a fight...that's all I will say...

    • -BlodValda- 2018.09.06 14:48
      If you guys think I hate any of you, you over value your importance. I guess birds of a feather flock together tho. A leader who has so much hate will only have followers who hate everything.

      Anyway you guys can keep getting angry and make hate filled comments. Just know it’s all one-sided.
    • SolidRose 2018.09.06 14:54
      Long live to Nishino's City!
    • Seekai 2018.09.06 16:58
      Good luck recruiting :)
    • KuschiK 2018.09.08 18:44
      It's funny how easily some people get triggered
    • Takeoff 2018.09.28 22:33

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    » Nishino's City Discord V For bumping purposes...   After taking some points from my past invitation topics, modifying others and polishing everything as possible... This Server...   [16] file 16 Seo-Hyun 2018.09.05 289
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