Another annoyance

by 10_YrsLambo posted Sep 10, 2018
So I was already annoyed at the fact that if anyone stuns you, you can't use any abilities or switch hunters until the stun duration is over, but I undersatnd why thats the case and it is fair, annoying but fair, but to my discovery today the already annoying computer dosent have this limitation. You know how when your fighting and the hunter your fighting against is about to die the enemy computer switches them out EVERY SINGLE TIME, well I thought that if I stun the character then the compurter wont be able to swap them out and I would be able to k/o the hunter, well that did not work, The computer eill still switch the STUNNED hunter out. Ex: I use Octavias ability on Kain when he was low that way he would be stunned, the ability mad him one health and stunned him but then milli seconds later he gets swaped, no my Octavias stun duration is 2 seconds long so if the computer could not bypass stuns then kain would not of been swaped. This is soo annoying especially with all the other annoyances in this game like bomber meta.