5*/4* Progression, Trans, and Selector Question

by KupoNoodles posted Sep 13, 2018

Hello! What would be my best hunter progression and who should I Trans?

Team: https://imgur.com/a/v6siMXq

2 [3* Selector]

1 [3-4* Random]


>Q1 [Progression]

From all the guides I read most people suggested Hermes, however it seems like Bibi is used more in Arena (with Diana+Patrone+Beckhen+Healer) and she's good in PVE too? Also my Natalia and Calibur already have 1 Trans, how does Natalia compare to Octavia. I did see a few people use Calibur in arena. Thanks!


>Q2 [Selector Ticket]

Would it be better to T1 couple Hunters first or save and T2 a hunter? Should I use 1 selector on Patrone and another to T1?


>Q3 [Karl & Apollo]

How good is Karl and Apollo? I read Karl is oke, but I don't see any information on Apollo :(

Thanks so much for the help!